I’m heading out today to complete a 160 km coastal walk around the Isle of Man.  Called “The Raad ny Foillan” which is Manx Gaelic for “The Way of the Gull”, it is dubbed an opportunity to walk around an entire nation!

The original sign in the picture needs to be updated as the route changed a bit and is now 100 miles.

Raad ny Foillan Guidebook (PDF)

Visit Isle of Man – Coastal Walk

It is raining this morning and a whopping 4ºC and I’m rethinking what I planned to wear.  Off to get my last Starbucks until I complete the walk and get back to Douglas!  I do not know how long I’m going to be strolling around the coast, but I plan to enjoy every moment.  Come rain or shine, a smile will be on my face!

Watch my Instagram for updates along the way!  (Travel, Wine & Shoes Instagram).

Happy Travels 💕



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