Hello!  I’m Jackie and I created Travel, Wine & Shoes to share my travelling adventures with family, friends & other adventurous folks!  There will be reviews, stories, awesome pictures & video and lists.

I am a Canadian, born in Newfoundland and raised in Alberta.  Somehow I am in my late 40’s and I truly don’t understand how that happened – age is only a number though and life has to be lived to the fullest!  An amazing, fantastic young man named Bryan calls me Mom and I will try not to embarrass him too much with my stories and shenanigans.  When I return from my travels, I may be dependent on him to give me a wine allowance!


My career calling was Computer Science.  When I was a kid, we had a Commodore 64.  In the back of the User Manual were some utility programs written in BASIC.  I spent hours typing in all the code just to see the word “hello” go across the screen.  I loved it and yes I am nerdy!  These days, I am an IT professional with 20 plus years experience with Programme Management, Project Management and software.

My favourite things are travelling, wine, shoes, books, good music and Mustangs!  Expect posts about me tracking down the Laboutin store where I am or a fabulous bottle of wine that I just enjoyed and if I see an old Mustang, I will take a picture and post it!

I also trip over my feet, have EPIC blonde moments and can swear like a sailor!  I am a Merlot girl!  For all my wine talk, I’m a lightweight, I have no tolerance regardless of how hard I try … but, I give it my best effort, especially if Ketchup Doritos are involved!  Hope you enjoy my pages.

Happy Travelling

My Book Obsession and Top 10’s

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