Stunning Sarajevo!

Sarajevo is the captial city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it quickly became a favourite city for me.  I loved every moment in this fascinating city.  There is so much to see and do – highlights are Old Town, the Tunnel of Hope, the old Olympic Park, learn the meaning […]

Fabulous Herzegovina!

Herzegovina is the southern and smaller of the two main geographical regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The scenery was beautiful and this was the area where I fell in love with Bosnian Figs! Old Stone Bridge in Konjic The Old Stone Bridge in Konjic has connected the banks of the […]


Srebrenica genocide:  “A failure of civilization” – Pope St. John Paul II I clearly remember the events in Srebrenica in 1995.  Throughout my travels so far, there are 3 places I’ve visited that have shook me up and will forever stay with me ~ Auschwitz in Poland, S-21 in Cambodia […]