A Sky Dive and A Hop, Swim & Jump

First a warning for vegans and vegetarians … you may want to skip this post! Next, I’m staying in the noisiest hostel ever! This one was advertised as slightly older crowd and no alcohol permitted. Yep, the noisiest!!!!!! I spent some time last night figuring out my next steps from […]

A Hangover, Phone Calls & A Bridge Climb

After my wine tasting shenanigans yesterday, I’m feeling my age this morning. I’m now in Sydney at the Asylum Backpackers Hostel and it looks like an interesting place! I’m the old lady in the dorm, these young ladies sure like to leave their clothes all over the floor. I’d be […]

Seafood, Day Drunk & French Fries

I got drunk today. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I woke up in Tassie!! I’ve been told a lot that Australians like to shorten their words. Tasmania … Tassie, Parmigiana … Parmi, TD … Tasmanian Devil. I’m starting to get it. I did yet another small load of laundry, […]

Bathing Boxes, Security Guards & Tassie

I said goodbye to Linda, Harvey and Lizzie this morning. We took a fabulous walk on the beach. Stunning area! These are known as Bathing Boxes. Owned by locals their starting price is 300k. They have no power and you can’t sleep all night in them. I’ve had the best […]

Beaches, A Penguin Parade & A Road Trip

Another day started with … laundry! Again, with only one pair of leggings and the weather a little cooler, it’s all I’m wearing. I put my shorts on to wear while doing the laundry, but Barb loaned me a pair of pants and a big blue wooly jumper. I’m going […]

Kangaroos, Koalas and Devils Oh My

I’m loving travelling with my little carry on backpack. When I landed in Sydney and went through Immigration, the man asked if my pack was all I had and THEN he said don’t you have 20 pairs of shoes.  OMG I said do you know me? Maybe I’m on some […]

I’ve Walked On All 7 Continents

As of today, 4 June 2019, I have set foot on all 7 continents 🌏🌍🌎 North America (Born) Europe (1988) Asia (2012) South America (2013) Africa (2014) Antarctica (2018) Australia (2019)   Fun Facts … Africa is the only continent that is crossed by both the Prime Meridian and the […]