Cu Chi Tunnels

Am I the only one who thinks of tickling a baby and saying coochy-coo? The Cu Chi Tunnels were dug by the Viet Cong and consist of 121 km of tunnels around Cu Chi. These tunnels were used to house troops, women and children, transport communications and supplies, lay booby […]

An Unscheduled Move, A Nap & Allergies

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I really want to be a smart ass and say my country’s PM would try to change that to “mice and peoplekind”. I must be feeling better! Well hello Saigon! I’ve always wanted to wander about your streets. I’m so […]

Ancient Town, My Ao Dai & This Damn Cold

I walked around the Ancient Town. Hoi An Old Town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the 15th century. It’s very interesting looking at the many different types of architecture. I visited the Japanese Covered Bridge. It was built in the 1590’s by the Japanese to connect […]

A Beach, A Dragon & A Princess

I said goodbye to Hanoi and headed to Da Nang. I truly enjoyed my time in Hanoi. It is a fascinating city with so much history and many things to do. I flew on Vietnam Airlines and the flight was a little over an hour. I was the lucky passenger […]

Stairs, Trains & Wine

When you’re staying on the 6th floor with no elevator and it’s oppressively hot and humid, you PLAN your day around how many times you’ll have to climb the 6 flights of stairs. Still not recovered from this freaking cough and cold, I didn’t have much to do today other […]

Paradise Found in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is an UNESCO site located in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. It is gorgeous! The bay consists of 1000’s of little islands in different sizes and shapes. There is also Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba Island. Taking the recommendation of my hostel, I booked a 2D/1N […]

Feels Like 45°C, Dodging Traffic & Homesick

I’m feeling much better. All my body parts ~ nose, head, bladder and bowel ~ seem to be functioning normally. Everyone knock on wood it stays that way. My ears are still popping as the stuffiness leaves me. You know those ear pops that come out of nowhere and are […]

Hanoi, Snot & Medicine

You all know THAT person on a plane that you’re stuck sitting beside. The one coughing up a lung. The one blowing their nose constantly. The one that grosses you out with all their germs. Today, that person was ME! I apologized profusely to the woman sitting beside me and […]