Who does not know at least one Beatles song?  Which one is your favourite?  Mine is “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.  “Hey Jude” and “Twist and Shout” are very close seconds.

Growing up in Fort McMurray, there was a place downtown that sold pop called “The Pop Shoppe”.  Pop is Canada’s name for soda – the absolute best was and is Cream Soda.  We used to pile in the station wagon and bring the glass bottles back to the store to be refilled.  The store also sold used albums and one day my Dad got me the White Album and I discovered “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

I visited Liverpool in 2009 with my teenage son who I must say does appreciate good music.  I’ll take some credit for that!  We loved all of The Beatles things to do in Liverpool.


The Cavern Club

Located at 10 Mathew Street in Liverpool,  The Cavern Club is legendary and still has live music playing today!  As you can see by the bricks below, many incredible acts have performed there over the years.  The Beatles performed over 300 times!  Today, artists like Adele still perform at the Cavern Club.

The Cavern Club opens each day at 10 am and admission prices vary depending on day and time – it ranges from free to £6.00.  Children under the age of 18 are allowed in until 8 pm.

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a road in Liverpool.  Paul McCartney wrote the song “Penny Lane” for the Penny Lane Bus Stop that he used to sit at waiting for the bus.  The street signs used to get stolen a lot after this song, so street signs were painted on the buildings.


Strawberry Field

The song “Strawberry Fields Forever” was written by John Lennon about the children’s home next to his house growing up in Liverpool.  Strawberry Field was the name of the Salvation Army run home.

The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story is an exhibition devoted solely to The Beatles.  I found the exhibition to be very informative and enjoyed looking at the displays for the different albums and the collectibles.  The exhibition covers their childhoods in Liverpool, The Beatles band and their solo careers.

The exhibition is located at the Albert Dock and opens at 9 am in the summer and 10 am in the winter.  An adult ticket is £15.95 and a child ticket is £9.50.  Please see the website to confirm and it’s recommended to purchase tickets online ahead of your visit!

I remember talking with a man on the dock and telling him that my Dad’s side of the family immigrated to Newfoundland from Liverpool.




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