Possibilities.  I love that word – absolutely anything is possible!  Why limit yourself?  If there is something you’re dreaming of – go for it!  If you try and aren’t successful, so be it, you chased your dream!  The only regret you will ever have is not trying.

Queen Latifah is in the Last Holiday movie – one of the things her character does is collect “possibilities” in a scrapbook.  The Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic is one of them.  So was LL Cool J.  I’d write my opinion about him, but my pages would become x-rated.  I fell in love with The Grandhotel Pupp and got a little crush on LL Cool J in this movie!  The movie was released in 2006 and at that time for me, The Grandhotel Pupp  was something that was just out of reach.  It seemed so very far away from home.

Fast forward almost a decade and in January 2015, I was in The Netherlands for a couple weeks for work.  On the weekend, I travelled to Prague and then on to Karlovy Vary with a work colleague.

I haven’t been on all the world’s great airlines yet, but my favourite so far is KLM.  I love the little gin filled Delft Blue houses that you get.  I have a collection going and have 13 houses!  The best thing is that I can fly direct to Amsterdam from either Edmonton or Calgary and once I’m in Amsterdam, most places are just one more flight away.  Here I am waiting in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for my flight to Prague!



Grand Hotel Praha:  I stayed at the Grand Hotel Praha in the Old Town Square.  The description on their website is as follows and the hotel is as divine as it sounds!

The four-star Grand Hotel Praha offers a perfect symbiosis of history and comfort.  It is located on the King’s road in a building dating back to the 14th century, and preserves the atmosphere of old Prague.  Historical monuments, theatres, galleries and the main shopping boulevard are all just a few steps away.  Stay directly in the centre of the Old Town of Prague and enjoy a view that nobody else in the world can offer.  You’ll find us directly opposite to the Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock.

I loved my room!  I booked the Deluxe Double Room with breakfast and with a view of the Astronomical Clock for €125.13.

Church of Our Lady before Týn (Chrám Matky Boží před Týnem):  Stunning!  This Old Town Square is absolutely beautiful both in the night and day.

Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock (Staroměstská radnice s orlojem):  Seeing this clock was my main objective in Prague.  I love old clocks like this.  Someday I want to see the Strasbourg Astronomical Clock in France.

The Astronomical Clock was built in 1410.  When the clock strikes the hour, the procession of the Twelve Apostles on the astronomical clock are set in motion and appear in the windows of the clock.

The tower was open for tours and of course I did that!  Very enjoyable.  During my tour, I bought myself this clock on a chain.




View From The Top:

Charles Bridge (Karlův most):  Building of the Charles Bridge began in 1357 and today contains 30 statues of saints.  There is a lamplighter that lights the lamps each day!

It was a rainy day for my visit!


Karlovy Vary

Grandhotel Pupp:  Oh my heart!  I loved being here.  It’s hard to describe how you feel when you see something that you always wanted to see.

The hotel website states:   Tradition since 1701.  Over three centuries of proud history, exceptional guests, and first-class services make the Grandhotel Pupp unique on a global scale.


I booked the Double Room Comfort with Breakfast for €178.00.

Dinner was yummy and fancy!


Around the hotel:

In addition to Last Holiday, many scenes from Casino Royale filmed here on the outside and in the dining rooms.

Here’s my souvenir plate from the Grandhotel Pupp – it is on the wall in my dining room!


Out and About in Karlovy Vary:

My weekend in the Czech Republic was over way too soon!  I don’t believe my love affair with this country is over yet.  I’ll be back someday.

Happy Travelling!  xoxo


Czech Republic

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