Greece.  The Greek Isles.  Santorini.  Did blue & white images just pop into your mind?  Is there a more beautiful island anywhere?  I fell head over heels in love with Santorini and hope to return someday.  It is the prettiest place I’ve ever seen.  From the whitewashed buildings to the turquoise sea to details like cobblestone streets, Santorini is stunning.

Some believe that Santorini may be the legend of Atlantis.  Around 1600 BC, a volcanic eruption caused the centre of the island to implode into the sea and formed the water filled caldera that is there today.  It also destroyed Crete’s ancient Minoan civilization.  In 1967, archaeologists on Santorini unearthed the remains of a Bronze Age city that may have been home to as many as 30,000 people.

I visited Santorini with Princess Cruises on the Holy Land itinerary.  We had to tender to shore; look at these amazing pictures of the ship and the cliffs as we went to shore.



Oia, Fira, Winery & Panagia Episkopi Church

Princess Cruises Excursion:

Experience the major sites of this quintessential Greek island on a guided walking tour.  Visit the quaint village of Oia and stroll through the narrow, cobblestone lanes, viewing the brilliantly whitewashed buildings, shops, cafés and blue-domed churches.  Then, sample local wines at a neighboring vineyard and learn about the effects of Santorini’s rich, volcanic soil and micro-climate on the rare Assyrtiko grapes.  Thrill to the views atop Mt. Prophet Elijah, 2,000-feet above sea level and home to the monastery that shares its name.  A traditional Greek lunch is a welcome respite in your day before you explore the island’s oldest Byzantine church, which has heroically withstood raids, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Photograph the famed black sand beach in the cosmopolitan area of Kamari Village.  Your final stop is Fira, the capital of Santorini, and you’ll ride the town’s aerial cable cars back down to port to meet your tender.


Oia is pronounced “Eee-ah.”  It is in the north part of Santorini about 150 metres above sea level.  This beautiful  Greek village is known for its picturesque architecture, cobblestone lanes, pristine whitewashed buildings and cobalt blue domed churches.


Winery Tour

Santo Wines Winery:  Read about the volcanic terroir and how wine is made in Santorini.  The vineyard has a 3,500-year history and is a World Heritage site.



Black Sand Beach (Kamari)

Kamari beach was created by volcanic activity and is famous for the the black sand.


Fira is 11 km away from Oia and is the capital of the island.  It is on the edge of a cliff and has outstanding views of the submerged volcano and an aerial cable car transportation system.


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