One of the things I wondered about before leaving on this adventure was how I was going to do the regular maintenance type things that I do.  My biggest thing has always been my nails.  They are ALWAYS done and I had gel nails for over a decade.  Growing up, according to my Grandmother Spurrell, you needed your nails done, lipstick on and a bit of powder.

I am a creature of habit.  There will be a crisis soon when I need my hair highlighted to cover my 6 grey ones and I have to go somewhere other than Studio 107 where I’ve gone since 2005.  Just the thought stresses me out.

After Christmas, I had my gel nails removed in order to get used to no longer having long nails and to give my real nails time to strengthen back up before departing.  I didn’t want to be held to a nail refill schedule.

Before I left home, I had a pedicure and a waxing so it’s been over a month.  Something had to be done soon because I had shorts on the other day and I think my leg hair may have been blowing in the wind.  Before you wonder why I had shorts on in all this rain, it was laundry day in Warsaw and that was about all that was clean to wear while I popped over to Starbucks.

I was heading to the Market Square this morning for my Starbucks (are you seeing the pattern?) and I saw a sign for a Manicure and Pedicure.  I poked my nose in the door and I liked what I saw.  Looked like my kinda place!  I made an appointment for 3 pm and off I continued to Starbucks for my morning caffiene.

There were 4 ladies working today in addition to the owner.  What a fantastic group of women!  They are all friendly and skilled and it was a pleasure to spend a few hours in their company.

I only had my lower legs waxed and this was done in the main room using hard wax.  Apparently there will be only about a half dozen requests over the summer for waxing.  Polish women generally shave.  In Canada, we strip down and contort ourselves in all kinds of strange, acrobatic positions while we remove every hair that can be seen with a microscope.  I’m determined to find some secret permanent hair removal method during my travels for blonde women.

Top Nails Spa was awesome and I’m more than happy with what I had done.  I love my nails and feel all prettied up now!  Here’s the end result!


If you’re in Krakow in need of a mani, a pedi or a leg wax, go to Top Nails Spa!

I’m leaving Poland on Friday and I’ve been undecided about where I’m going next.  I’m meeting Nadine & Pearl in Prague in a couple weeks and I’ve been looking at the map trying to figure out where to go.  As I walked home in the Polish monsoon, I decided that I’m off to Luxembourg on Friday.  I have some writing to do and a cough/cold to kick.  I’ll be checking the weather forecast first though and if there are any predictions of rain, I’ll be changing plans.  I need to be able to wear shorts and show off my legs!

Happy Travels!


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