I’m just an old-fashioned Newfie girl at heart.  I love wild meat and dumplings!  Seafood too of course.  I could exist on seafood for the rest of my life.  But back to the wild meat and dumplings.

I met up with my best friend, her son and her sister in Prague.  It is so nice to see familiar faces on my travels, especially family and friends that you love.

The ladies went out for supper; we chose Kolkovna and we chose well!

Kolkovna Celnice

The website description of Kolkovna does not quite describe how delicious the meal was.

Welcome to the world of Kolkovna Restaurants! Great Pilsner Urquell lager, excellent gastronomy and perfect service in inspiring settings.

And there is much more! A strong desire for originality supported by the fascinating Czech beer brewing tradition and a relentless quest for quality. Enter the world of Kolkovna Restaurants and become enchanted by the atmosphere.

Take a seat at one of the tables in Prague, Brno or Bratislava. A skilful bartender will conjure you up a Pilsner lager with a thick, creamy head.

A chef will prepare a meal bringing you first-class enjoyment and the staff waiting on you makes it undisputed: You will have a great time here …

We ordered a bottle of wine and two sharing plates between the three of us.

The wine was very good and is a Slovakian Cabernet.

Augustiniánský Sklep Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (Slovakia)


The starter was a selection of Czech specialities and consisted of Prague Ham, marinated Hermelin cheese, pickled sausage and homemade smoked lamb sausage.

The main meal was the Old Czech platter and had 1/4 roast duck, Moravian Sparrows (pieces of roast pork), smoked meat, smoked beer sausage, white and red cabbage and 3 kinds of dumplings (bread, fat and potato).


Fabulous, delicious meal!  Kolkovna has a restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia which is where I’m heading tomorrow.  I’ll be going back.

Czech Republic

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