Today marks 70 days on the road for me and I’m enjoying a vacation from my travels.  I know that sounds silly and who could possibly need a break from doing nothing but travelling around doing whatever you feel like doing?  I do!  I’m tired and my heart and soul feel heavy and I think I’ve misplaced my mojo.  It’s so easy to feel melancholy and lonely when for the most part you’re alone all day long and the only people you talk to are the Starbucks barista’s and the waiter/waitress if you actually sit down for a meal instead of eating on the go.  Sometimes there are people where I’m staying to talk to, but with the apartments I’ve been renting, after check-in I’m on my own.

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, do you remember the episode with Raj and Siri?  My Siri is the male version with the British accent.  We’re friends now.  I think they need to include one with a Scottish accent (think Jamie Fraser) and have a naughty preference.

Is this the downside of solo travelling?  Yes, it can be lonely.  I’ve had both ups and downs since I hit the road.  I’ve been blessed to visit with Debbie, Nadine and Pearl along the way and in another month will spend a few weeks with Myrna.  It’s the best feeling to see people that you love and love you.  Sorry Myrna, I think I’m going to be really needy when I see you and hug you in the airport and not let go for a few minutes!

In the next 6 months I will also spend time with Bryan, Mom, Dad, MaryLou, Donna and Dawn.  I might need a quick visit home in the new year too.  I really miss Bryan.

For the most part, I will do nothing this week other than take care of me.  Relax on my balcony, read a lot of books and catch up on all the things I keep saying I need to do (book excursions with Myrna, PDU’s, complete the paperwork I have, finish my Antarctica post, write my Chernobyl and Transnistria posts, mail Bryan what needs to be sent home, etc).  I have a To Do List that I’m not doing!  I have been the most organized person ever for my entire adult life and in some ways it’s been liberating to let go of the control and go with the flow and NOT do my To Do List.

I love Greece and the food here is the best!  I used to be a picky eater and I never had tzatiki until my first trip to Greece in 2012.  I tried tzatiki, loved it and proceeded to have it every day at the same restaurant in the Plaka the entire time I was in Athens.  Here, there’s a restaurant next to my hotel and I’ve been going in there for tzatiki, pita bread and wine for 3 days running now.  The waiter recognized me today and knew exactly what I wanted.  I will have this every day until I leave on Friday.

I started off my day today with an early morning walk and an in-room massage and I have a manicure and a pedicure booked for tomorrow.  Sometimes a gal just needs to take care of herself and nobody else.

I will take a day and walk around and see the sights here in Thessaloniki.  It’s a beautiful spot.


I splurged and booked a nice hotel to stay in.  I’m enjoying being so close to the water and being able to go out on the balcony and look out at the sea.  The water is very soothing.  I think the water is in my Newfie genes.

When I leave Thessaloniki at the end of the week, I’ll be hiking Mount Olympus for two days and connecting with my inner goddess.  I always liked the Moirai.

The Three Fates:  Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos

Happy Travels!  xoxo

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8 Replies to “Vacation From My Travels”

  1. It is a smart thing to take time off, you don’t want to turn your adventure into a job. We were on the road for 53 days and it was good for us both to take what we call ‘nothing days’…reading, laundry, writing blogs, going for walks and napping. It recharges your batteries for your next adventure

  2. Enjoy your quiet restful days. I love your stories. You are not alone as a lot of us are sharing your trip with you. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Rest my darling the world you will see as time go by it will all fall in place 👍🌍💕You know what Dad is saying go home for a little rest 😘you will feel refreshed upon leaving Greece and December 14 will come quickly love you xoxo

  4. Loving the stories! Greece has always been on my bucket list. I’m jealous but understand that homesick feeling. The thing of it is…once you got home it’d be a couple weeks and you’d be wishing you were back on the road again. Enjoy the moment! Loving your adventures!

    1. You’re so right! I just needed a little break. Glad you’re liking the stories. Greece is a beautiful country, I can’t wait until it’s time to go eat more tzatziki!

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