Driving on the other side of the road?  Nothing to it!  I’ve returned the rental in one piece, no scratches, no dents and everything still where it’s supposed to be!

My first time driving in the UK was not so successful.

What Do You Mean I Shouldn’t Be Driving In Your Country?

The secret for me was to keep myself in the centre part of the road … this applies regardless of which side of the road to drive on.  My friend Fiona gave me this advice and it absolutely worked!  As I merged and turned I just looked at the road and determined where I’d be in the centre part.  Easy Peasy.

I hadn’t drove since I left home in June and I enjoyed every second behind the wheel.  I love driving with the music as loud as it can go.  I ditched the old playlist and made a new one for myself and listened to some of my favourites like the Ramones, Queen and Janis Joplin.

Folks here know how to do a thing or two:

  • Queueing on the roads and off … they are experts!  I didn’t see anyone trying to jump the queue on the road.  I hate when people do that at home.
  • Keep Right Except To Pass in Canada and Keep Left Except To Pass here … folks follow the rules … it’s awesome!
  • One lane traffic?  No problem.  A lot of the roads in the Highlands were one lane and everyone is courteous and accommodating and we all got where we were going in an orderly fashion.  Even with sheep on the road!
  • I LOVE Roundabouts.  Very efficient and I woohoo’ed going around a few of them.

Here’s an useful guide from Visit Britain.  Guide To Driving in the UK

Let’s see how I do driving & riding on the other side of the road when I get home …



5 Replies to “The Other Side Of The Road”

  1. Actually it’s not ‘the other side of the road’!! It’s the ‘correct side of the road’!! Blame Henry Ford!! And yes, you just need to follow the white line in the centre of the road and not just drive in the gutter!!
    You’ve done well!!

  2. You are a driving rock star! At first, it’s so weird that cars are coming at you from “the other side” but there’s that certain Zen Moment when it clicks, it’s no longer scary but somehow normal, and away we go!

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