I had the best day at Hobbiton!

I did not sleep very well last night, I think I woke up every hour. I am not used to setting an alarm anymore and was afraid of sleeping in and missing my pickup in the morning. It’s also a big time change to adjust to ~ I am 18 hours ahead of Alberta! I finally got up at 430 am. The nice thing was there wasn’t anybody else in the coed bathroom yet. I had it all to myself until I was at the sink with a towel on my head, a toothbrush in my mouth, no bra and my shorts romper on and a very nice looking man strolled out of the shower chatting away to me. It takes some getting used to.

In 2014, Bryan, Mom, Dad and I toured the Harry Potter movie set in London, England. It was a lot of fun seeing the sets, costumes and “how” they filmed scenes. I was really looking forward to seeing “The Shire” and had high expectations!

I was picked up by Stefan from Bush & Beach at 6:50 am and we made the 2 hour drive to Hobbiton from Auckland. I was the only client today which was AWESOME!

The Hobbiton Movie Set is only accessible via guided tour, I couldn’t wander about by myself which I love to do. Dom was my tour guide and it ended up being a private tour with only me!

Okay I really wanted an Elven cloak and brooch. I have no room for it and couldn’t picture myself strolling through the humidity of South East Asia wearing this.

It was so cool seeing all the settings from the films. I LOVED IT ❤️ It rained all day which sucked, but we made the best of it. I was drowning in the yellow raincoat provided, but was so thankful for it as it kept me and my camera dry.

There are 44 different hobbit holes! The cherry on top is of course Bag End at the top of the hill. Each hobbit hole was different ~ baker, carpenter, bee keeper, painter, cheese maker and even the town drunk! Fascinating looking at each one and seeing the attention to detail that Peter Jackson insisted upon.

I wrapped up the tour with a beer at The Green Dragon!

I had the best day ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠

New Zealand

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  1. Oh it looks lovely and green and wet! Well at least you are getting aclimatised when you get to Melbourne … more rain predicted for next week. Our snow season starts usually the Queen’s Birthday long w/e ( 8th – 10th June) but as there is so much snow in the Alpine areas it’s opening this w/e. We have had a real Antarctic blast this week … I expect NZ has too. You can borrow my yellow Quark expedition jacket!!!😉

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