I’m still not sleeping well and waking up a lot. The messy girl with ALL of her clothes all over the floor sleeps all day and is out all night. I call her Pig Pen in my mind. There was finally another room available this morning so I’ve moved and will not have to look at Pig Pen’s mess again.

Yesterday, I took the ferry over to Devonport. Located on the southern point of Auckland’s North Shore, Devonport Village is an historic seaside suburb that is made up of 3 volcanic islands ~ Mount Victoria, North Head and the former Mount Cambria. I walked up to the lookouts on Mount Victoria and enjoyed the views and had lunch at Devon On The Wharf ~ the chicken souvlakia was excellent!

I got an All Blacks jersey. Why? Where will I wear it? I’ll need to go to a rugby game at home and wear it. I won’t get to see the All Blacks play here. Sigh πŸ˜”

Today, I headed out and walked 20 km around the waterfront and ended up in Mission Bay at the Oak Barrel Wine House where I had Snapper Ceviche ~ it was delicious!

It was a lovely walk about and I chatted with a number of locals here and there. Auckland reminds me a lot of Victoria, Canada.

I have a dinner date with Craig πŸ˜‰ Look at me go!

Laundry needed to be done because I only have one pair of leggings and well I might have been wearing them for days and days. I don’t think they smelled.

I thought about my Nan most of the day. Thank you for all the messages, texts and emails. Thank you Dawn for the phone call ~ it was so wonderful to hear your voice. Nan’s service will be on Tuesday and my heart will be there with my family. ❀️

Happy Travels πŸ’•
🌏 🍷 πŸ‘ 

New Zealand

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  1. Glad you are enjoying NZ. Sad to hear about you Nan but l’m sure she was pleased to see her grand daughter as an inspired & motivated adventurer. C u next week. Get easy for the penguins, koalas, kangaroos and wallabies!! πŸ˜‰

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