I arrived in Singapore after a very long flight. I have a couple things to mention before getting to the Sling and the spellbinding views of Singapore!

I had the bright idea to walk the 8 km to the airport and I was a hot sweaty mess time I got there. Based on the humidity, I will be that way until I get home. Call me Monica.

Omg!!! There was a woman at the check in counter ranting and raving. A lot of f’ing this and f’ing that and a husband who was slightly terrified of her I think! Credit to the very calm people trying to deal with her from the airline staff to the security guard to the police officers. Not much point kicking up a fuss at the airport, it’s a fight you won’t win! They were NOT on the flight.

I flew SilkAir which is the regional airline of Singapore Airlines and they were decent! Back to the police officers, what is it about men in uniform with accents?? 🤷‍♀️💕

The Immigration card warns of death for drug traffickers. My first time seeing a card like this. Canada just talks about “drink-box, water-bottle sorta things.”

Singapore is hot and humid and it reminds me of the funky buildings in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I like it here!

My hostel is interesting, the female room is good and the location is fantastic. The bathroom is shared with the men’s dorm and the mixed shower/toilet is horrific. I want to cry. It causes me stress. I need my own bathroom after this.

BEAT Hostel

But, the location is perfect and on the boat quay.

When I went outside, fighter jets were flying overhead and sections of the road were blocked off. The military (very nice and helpful) told me that they were practicing for Singapore’s National Day Parade on August 9 and to wait for the tanks!! So glad I got to see bits and pieces of this. I think the parade will be fantastic!

The first thing I did was to head to the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling or two.

I ❤️ You & Your Slings Singapore

The next day I was sightseeing all day!

The marina area is spectacular!

I was in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, left my sweaty nose print on the Christian Louboutin window and had tea and scones. I’m a sucker for scones and Yorkshire pudding.

Then there was the Louis store. Gives the word flagship new meaning. Can’t wait for the one in Edmonton to open!

I would have loved to have stayed at the Raffles Hotel. If ever I’m here again, this is where I’ll be.

I took a taxi to the Hard Rock to get Bryan’s t-shirt.

This beautiful couple let me take a picture of them 💕

My shoulders are slightly sunburnt and I’m still a hot, sweaty mess. I’m drenched. It was a fabulous day exploring Singapore. I hope to return one day.

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠



8 Replies to “My New Favourite City ~ Singapore”

  1. The videos are awesome…more of those! I’m not sure how you’re going to come back and slip into routine. You make me want to get my adventure on!

  2. So many new buildings in Singapore!
    If you get a chance take the bus to Malaca. It’s a seaport town colonized by the Dutch.

  3. Great photos. Put the night zoo on your list for next time. You can get Singapore slings there as well and cheaper than Raffles.

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