Seeing the orangutans was one of my best experiences! I was up bright and early to get to the Semenggoh Nature Reserve in time for the morning feeding.

I’ve been using GRAB (similar to UBER) to get about for longer distances and my driver waited for me through the feeding and brought me back to Kuching.

Semenggoh is a reserve with a semi-wild colony of orangutans. They are fed fruit twice a day by the staff and they may or may not show up depending on the availability of food in the wild (it is diminishing). Some days visitors do not see any orangutans at all. I was so lucky to see about 10! They are gorgeous, amazing, majestic and spectacular!

This lovely lady is the oldest female in the colony and the first orangutan I was privileged to see.

More orangutans started arriving. The trees would rustle in the distance and eventually I could see them swinging and climbing as they made their way to where we were.

Oh my heart the Mom’s and babies!

I returned to Kuching on Cloud 9 šŸ˜

Let’s backtrack to my hostel. I have a single room with my own bathroom. Very small and I have to sit sideways on the toilet šŸ¤£ but I love it here! My cousin Jenna always seems to pick the most amazing hostels when she travels. I’m hit or miss, but this time is a hit!

I spent the afternoon wandering around Kuching.

I went inside of a mosque and it was very pretty. I had to cover up and I was sweltering in the robe.

I met up with a young girl from the UK, Harriet, and we wandered around together and stopped for some food at The Fig Tree Cafe. Delicious!

Happy Travels


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  1. You have brought back some more great memories. Encountered the most amazing storm in my life in kuching. Had a baby orang sit on me at the park. Saw the best probiscus monkeys at another island. Thank you so much for sharing. Glad you have your own facilities.

  2. Wow! That was amazing and yet another adventure to add to my bucket list…thanks to you! Thanks yet again for the video as it feels like being right there. I was jacked just watching so I bet you were on cloud nine leaving there!

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