You all know THAT person on a plane that you’re stuck sitting beside. The one coughing up a lung. The one blowing their nose constantly. The one that grosses you out with all their germs. Today, that person was ME!

I apologized profusely to the woman sitting beside me and tried to be as quiet as I could. But, I’m a very productive one woman snot machine right now.

I didn’t sleep much last night in Vientiane because I kept waking up, unable to breath needing to blow my nose. I’d pay a fortune right now for someone to overnight me the Kleenex with lotion.

This morning, I asked the hotel owner directions to the pharmacy and he provided them. Then he came behind me and said he’d drive me there. I look sickly and my tan can’t hide it.

I’m not sure what I got there, but it didn’t seem to help at all. Off I went to the airport and flew Lao Airlines from Vientiane to Hanoi. It is 36° here.

I already had my Visa for Vietnam and there was a health assessment lineup at Immigration and signs in Vietnamese with pictures of people coughing and holding their head. I willed myself not to have a coughing fit and was happy to hear others coughing and blowing their nose. I sailed through Immigration and came to my hostel.

It is very nice and I’m on the top floor (6 flights of stairs and no elevator). The room is a 6 bunk female dorm with an en-suite and a large balcony. I like it! I’m here in Hanoi for 4 nights. I hope I don’t keep my roomies up with my coughing and nose blowing. I don’t think I’ll make friends here.

After settling in, I went to another pharmacy and after answering his questions about the colour and consistency of my snot, he gave me day time and night time pills. Also, more pills once he heard me coughing. No idea what it all is, but I’ve taken it all and am cozy in my bunk.

It’s almost 700 pm here and I missed the free beer in the hostel from 600 to 630. My Dad will be so disappointed and think he didn’t raise me right because I skipped free beer.

Here’s to a medicine induced sleep and a snot free day tomorrow!

Happy Snot Free Travels


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