I always, always wanted to sail on Cunard and cross the Atlantic Ocean.


A Transatlantic Bucket List Item

The RMS Queen Mary 2 (QM2) is Cunard’s flagship and the only ocean liner in the world.  I sailed from Southampton, UK to New York, USA from Sunday, 18 November to Sunday, 25 November.

Cunard ~ Queen Mary 2

Southampton is located on the south coast of England about 121 km South West of London.  A couple historic facts about Southampton are it was one of the departure points for D-Day in WWII and on April 10, 1912, Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.

The distance to New York was 3108 nautical miles (1 nautical mile equals 1.15 statute miles or 1.85 kilometres).

The enormity that is the ocean is hard to describe and it is one of the most fascinating, powerful and soothing things I’ve viewed.  It is a strange feeling to be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by nothing by water.  You realize how small you are and how unstoppable the ocean is.

Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Crossing

The weather was 11°C as I walked to Dock Gate 10 at Mayflower Terminal Berth 106 to board the Queen Mary 2.  It was so exciting.  I couldn’t wait to see the Queen Mary 2.


I boarded and had my embarkation picture taken.  There was welcome aboard music being played everywhere it seemed ~ pianos and guitars everywhere.

My room was fantastic!  I was in stateroom 6249 which is a sheltered balcony room. There was a bottle of sparkling wine waiting for me and later my room steward had an extra bottle left so he gave it to me.  He figured me out right away.









All aboard was at 4:30 and we had the emergency drill and then a sailaway celebration.


On our second day, there was a medical evacuation.  We were instructed to stay away from the deck and off our balconies. The QM2 sailed off route a bit to meet up with the Irish Coast Guard.

Rescue 115 airlifts ill woman from cruise liner

Our captain was Captain Aseem Hashmi and he did an announcement every day at noon detailing where we were and interesting facts.  Almost every day, the time was set back one hour to address the time change as we sailed west across the Atlantic.

The ship had a lot of different activities and events ~ Black and White Ball, Afternoon Tea, Galas, spa, theatre, dancing and shopping to name a few.

My days on the QM2 began with a run on the deck.  It’s a strange feeling to run on a ship as it rocks back and forth.  After my run, I had breakfast and had food like smoked salmon and smoked trout every morning.


I relaxed on deck often blogging and looking out at the ocean.







Afternoons were spent in the Chart Room.  The Chart Room is a lounge and it had huge windows.  In front of each window was a little table, a couple chairs and power outlets.  I spent my time here looking out the window, blogging, reading on my iPad and relaxing.

I love the ocean.






Next to the Chart Room was Godiva ~ they made a really good hot chocolate.  I had a few of these.

Now you all know how I love my scones.  Afternoon tea was divine!  Nobody does it like the British ~ I’ve enjoyed afternoon tea at some fabulous places in the UK ~ on the yacht Britannia and Buckingham Palace were the best.  I put a lot of jam on my scone and then smother it as much cream as I can.



I loved looking out at the ocean from my balcony ~ it was beautiful.



I dressed up for the Gala one night ~ yes I wore a dress and yes I actually own a few dresses.  I enjoyed it.


I ate well on the QM2 ~ desserts were magnificent!


Random images from around the QM2:

Sailing into New York Harbour was a dream come true.














New York City

Hello New York City!  I spent my day visiting the shoe section at Saks Fifth Avenue and had dinner with my Antarctica buddy, Elba.  New York is one of my favourite places to hang out.


After that, it was back home to Canada for a few weeks before departing for a Christmas cruise with my son and parents and then on to Central America.

I loved cruising on the QM2 and crossing the Atlantic.  I hope to do it again one day.  Next time you’re vacationing in Europe, check out flying one way and returning home on the Queen Mary 2.

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠

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  1. You are the female version of the Dos Equis guy…you are the most interesting woman alive!
    The trip and the pictures look fantastic. You are constantly adding to my own bucket list!

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