Herzegovina is the southern and smaller of the two main geographical regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The scenery was beautiful and this was the area where I fell in love with Bosnian Figs!

Old Stone Bridge in Konjic

The Old Stone Bridge in Konjic has connected the banks of the Neretva River since 1682.  It is considered the place where Bosnia and Herzegovina join together.

Kravice Waterfalls

The 25m high Kravice Waterfall is located on the Trebizat River.  A stunning location to picnic and swim.


Always soak your feet when the opportunity presents itself!


I took A LOT of pictures and enjoyed my time here.

I even had a little treat!  It was good.


The Fortress of Pocitelj

This medieval fortress and mosque are 45m above the River Neretva and dates back to 1444.




The view was breathtaking.

Bosnian FIGS!  These were so very, very good.  There were a couple women selling these as I walked up to the fortress.  I bought some on the way up and got more on the way down.


There was also a stray Coca-Cola fridge.


Blagaj Tekke

This Dervish Monastery was built around 1520 by the spring of the river Buna and is surrounded by mountains.  At the Tekke, I had to put on a wraparound skirt to cover my legs and wear a head covering while inside.


City of Mostar

Mostar is on the Neretva River and was named after the bridge keepers (called Mostari) who guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) in medieval ages.

Old Bridge (and a Practice Bridge)

This is a small bridge in Mostar that was the practice bridge by the builder of the Old Bridge.


The Old Bridge was built in 1566 by Hayruddin (a Turkish builder), this bridge is 24m high and folks dive off it!  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is considered an exemplary piece of Islamic architecture in the Balkans.



Old Bazar Kujundziluk Mostar


Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque

Constructed during the Ottoman Empire in 1617, this mosque is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


I climbed to the top of the minaret and saw the most spectacular views.

Do you see why Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of my favourite countries?


Happy Travels 💕

🌏 🍷 👠


Bosnia and Herzegovina

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