Croatia truly is one of the most beautiful places ~ the coastline along the Adriatic Sea is stunning.  Croatia consists of 4 regions: 

  • Croatia Proper ~ central part where the capital of Zagreb is located
  • Slavonia ~ inland eastern Croatia
  • Dalmatia ~ most of the coastline of Croatia stretching from the island of Rab in the north to the Bay of Kotor in the south
  • Istria ~ Croatian part of the peninsula of Istria


Dalmatian Coast


Dubrovnik was founded around 614 and today is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic and it is stunning!

Built in the 16th century, Dubrovnik’s Old Town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and the walls are 1,940 metres around and 25 metres high.  Vehicles are not allowed inside the walls and it’s a maze of narrow streets.

A cable car going up 778 meters to a plateau provides the most amazing Old City views.




Dating back to 305 and located on the Adriatic Sea, Split is called the “Mediterranean flower”.  The main square is Peristil Square and Riva is the main city promenade ~ it is gorgeous and has something for everyone!

Stella Croatica is located 30 minutes outside of Split and we were treated to a feast ~ wine, cheese and olive oil making and tasting.

Peninsula of Istria


Rovinj dates back to the 5th century and is a romantic coastal city and an active fishing port.


Poreč is a neighbour to Rovinj.  The Decumanus is the main street and Marafor Square was once a Roman Forum.  The Euphrasian Basilica dates back to the 6th century and is known for its beautiful gold mosaics.

Another wine tasting at Vinarija Matošević with our ship friends ~ Kenya and Betsy from Colorado.


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