Boquete is a small town in Panama surrounded by coffee plantations, parks and forests.  It’s definitely a spot for retirement.  Hiking in Boquete was a joy and a pleasure.


The Lost Waterfalls

Beautiful views, not one, but three waterfalls, soaking my feet in the water, and a great day for a hike!  The Lost Waterfalls are also called Las Tres Cascadas (The Three Waterfalls) and are three waterfalls along the jungle trail.

We were provided a hand drawn map to take a picture of and off we went.  Each waterfall was marked with signs indicating 1, 2, or 3 on the trees and were sometimes hard to see.  The trail was muddy in parts and steep ~ very glad I had my trusty hiking boots on.  The hike itself took about 3 hours.


Pipeline Trail

The Pipeline Trail is about 2 hours through the jungle.  There are a lot of bridges and tree stumps to walk over along this trail along with the views of the pipeline.


The waterfall and canyon at the end of the trail is spectacular!  For reference, I’m in the bottom left hand corner of this picture.



1,000 Year Old Tree

About halfway along the Pipeline Trail is the 1,000 Year Old Tree and it’s fascinating.


The Resplendent Quetzal

The Resplendent Quetzal is an endangered species and are found in Mexico and Central America.  Along the trails in Boquette, hikers are always on the look out!  We were privileged and lucky.  The pictures doesn’t do it justice, but here is the elusive, resplendent Quetzal!



An Abandoned Castle

Rock Climbing on the Basalt

Out & About In Boquete

I highly recommend spending some time in Boquete.


Happy Travels!


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