What is the one spot in the world that you are drawn to?  Mine is the Culloden Battlefield, near Inverness in Scotland.  On 16 April 1746, the Battle of Culloden took place on the Culloden Moor and it is a big part of Scotland’s history.  This battle concluded the Jacobite Rising and Scotland was defeated.  It is estimated that 1,500 – 2,000 Jacobites were killed and sadly, it was also the end of the Scottish clan system.

I got to wander around Culloden Moor in 2009 with my son and for me it was an emotional experience imagining the battle that took place there, the men that died and the end to the Highland way of life.

Clan Burials

These clan stones were erected in 1881 marking the mass graves of the Jacobites who were killed.  There is also a stone indicating where the English soldiers were buried.

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Culloden Battlefield

There are many interesting locations on the Battlefield.

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My love of the Scottish Highlands all started when I was 21 and I read a book called “Outlander” …

The Outlander series is a sequence of novels and shorter works written by Diana Gabaldon that feature elements of historical fiction, romance, mystery, adventure and science fiction/fantasy.  Wikipedia

The characters, the story line and the settings are all wonderful and I am head over heels in love with the fictional Jamie Fraser.  This series is fantastic and I think there’s something for everyone within the pages – time travel, adventure, war, love, hot sex and factual history.

Many years ago, I was having lunch with a friend and we were talking about the book that was just released – “The Fiery Cross”.  The ladies at the next table leaned over and asked us if we were talking about Jamie Fraser!

“Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone” (Book 9) is currently being written and it takes the author about 2-4 years because there is so much research involved.  An average sized book takes me about 3-4 hours to read, but these Outlander books are massive!  When there’s a new book, I take the day off work to go stand in line and buy it.  All day and all night is spent bundled up in bed reading the continuation of the saga and drinking tea.

There is also the TV series “Outlander” on STARZ – Season 3 just started.  They are doing an excellent job – my only complaint is that the seasons aren’t long enough and they could spread one book over a couple seasons.

Planning a visit to Scotland?  I highly recommend visiting Inverness and the Culloden Battlefield.  It is an experience that will reach in and touch your soul.

Are you a book lover?  Give the Outlander books and/or the TV series a try – I strongly recommend reading the books first.

Scotland is a stunning, beautiful country and it is on my list to return in 2019 to do some hiking in the Highlands and to again walk through the heather at Culloden.  I will be the girl touching every single stone in every set of standing stones that I encounter just to see what happens … maybe I’ll find my own Jamie Fraser.



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  1. Scotland is a beautiful country but I didn’t get to walk in your steps of Culloden but I am sure enjoying the novels written by Diana Gabaldon ! the series Outlander is wonderful !

    1. Maybe you can meet me in Scotland and we’ll go together 💕 next time!

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