What an incredible experience this was!  “Inside The Volcano” is billed as a “Journey Towards The Center of Earth”.  The descent is 120 metres into Thrihnukagigur volcano that erupted 4000 years ago.  This is the only volcano in the world that you can go inside the chamber.

Inside The Volcano:  See the link for details about the tour and the volcano.

After about a 3 kilometre long hike from the meeting point in the rain and wind we came to the base camp.  We donned helmets and harnesses and hiked up the last little bit to the opening in the top part of the crater.

The system that lowered us into the volcano was first used by National Geographic to descend and create a documentary about inside a volcano.  Once they left, the lowering system (similar to window washers) remained and started to be used for tourism.

National Geographic: Into Iceland’s Volcano

Being lowered down into the volcano:

There aren’t enough words to describe the feeling of standing inside a volcano!

The chamber temperature is about 3 degrees Celsius and there is plenty of time to walk around and take pictures.  The colours are extraordinary!

Iceland - 120 of 572

Iceland - 127 of 572

Iceland - 57 of 572

Upon returning to base camp, we were treated to hot Icelandic meat soup!  Delicious!  Especially with the rainy weather and a 3 kilometre hike back out!

This is an experience that is a must-do when in Iceland!


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