Bucket List Alert!  Diving Silfra was one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever done!

Silfra is a fissure between the North American and Eurasian continental plates and is located in Þingvallavatn Lake in the Þingvellir National Park in Iceland.  With about 100 metres visibility and water temperature between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius, there isn’t a comparable place on earth!

There are 4 parts to Silfra:

  1. Big Crack:  This is the most narrow section where I had my ‘Dive Between the Continents’ photo taken (I have to have that picture printed on a canvas for my wall!)
  2. Silfra Hall:  This is where the fissure widens and you can see snorkellers and local geese and ducks overhead
  3. Silfra Cathedral:  This is near to the opening to the lake Þingvallavatn and if there are divers ahead you will see the ‘chandelier effect’ of their rising bubbles
  4. Silfra Lagoon:  We finished the dive here in the endless visibility of Silfra Lagoon

You must be a PADI Open Water Diver and have a Dry Suit Certification to dive Silfra.  I did both of my certifications at Northwest Scuba in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Many thanks to Lionel Whittaker for his endless patience teaching me and taking me on my open water dives.

Northwest Scuba

I booked my Silfra dives with DIVE.IS in Iceland.  These guys were fabulous!

DIVE.IS Diving Silfra Day Tour

We did two dives.  The first time through I was nervous.  I have a lot of work to do on my buoyancy and when it got really deep I panicked a little bit as I do tend to hit bottom.  The guide was aware that I was panicking and held my hand the rest of the way through.  During the 2nd dive, the guide was taking pictures and another Divemaster joined us and trailed me throughout the dive.  I was a lot more relaxed the 2nd time through because I knew what to expect and I knew that an expert was right behind me in case I got into trouble.

I also did a course and am now certified as a PADI Tectonic Plate Awareness Diver.

Do you want to dive Silfra?  Contact DIVE.IS and GO FOR IT!!

I plan to dive as much as I can throughout my travels.  Looking forward to diving in Oman, the Great Barrier Reef and shark cage diving.


Iceland - 165 of 572

Iceland - 166 of 572

Iceland - 167 of 572

Iceland - 168 of 572

I am touching both the North American and Eurasian continental plates!  It blows my mind that I can make such a statement.

Iceland - 169 of 572

Iceland - 170 of 572

Iceland - 171 of 572

Iceland - 172 of 572

Iceland - 174 of 572

Iceland - 175 of 572

Iceland - 176 of 572

Iceland - 177 of 572

Iceland - 178 of 572

Iceland - 179 of 572

Somebody has to be the clown!

Iceland - 180 of 572

Iceland - 181 of 572

Iceland - 182 of 572

Iceland - 183 of 572

Iceland - 184 of 572

Iceland - 185 of 572

Iceland - 186 of 572

Iceland - 187 of 572

Iceland - 188 of 572

Iceland - 189 of 572

Iceland - 190 of 572

I’m such an amateur.  I have a lot of work to do working on my buoyancy.  The Divemaster trailing me was probably thinking what is this girl trying to do??

Iceland - 191 of 572

Iceland - 192 of 572

Iceland - 193 of 572

Iceland - 194 of 572

Iceland - 195 of 572

Iceland - 196 of 572

Iceland - 197 of 572

Iceland - 198 of 572

Iceland - 199 of 572

Iceland - 200 of 572

Iceland - 173 of 572


3 Replies to “Diving Silfra”

  1. Hi Jackie,
    String at that Starbucks table of Gare de l’Est un Paris and seeing à pretty lady struggling againt birds drops, how could I guess I was facing such a wonder woman 😎 …. Sincères I am Keen on all your posts and stores .. À bientôt.

    1. Hello Moho! So nice to hear from you. I’ve added Algeria 🇩🇿 as a must do. Planning on going there after Morocco 🇲🇦. I had a fabulous time in Strasbourg and just arrived in. Vaduz, Liechtenstein 🇱🇮. I continue to fight the bird droppings in the train stations. 😀

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