Preparations continue for my upcoming hike!  I’ve been finalizing gear and trying to decide which pack I’m taking and I need to decide soon.  Both packs that I’m thinking of aren’t ultralight ~ I’m planning a few walks with both filled with my gear to make a final decision.

March will be here in a matter of days and I need to activate my Garmin Explorer and learn how to use it ~ eg. texting my Mother and sending coordinates.  I should be able to map where I’ve been and embed in this site.

My 4 boxes of junk food are ready to go.  I’ll mail the first one to Hiker Heaven at Agua Dulce before I leave ~ Mavia will ship the other 3 once I’m hiking.  I wonder how much the UPS charges will be to ship a banker box to the US from here?  Definitely more than the cost of the items I have in there, but I can’t get ketchup chips in the US!

As I’ve been researching the route, I keep discovering the most interesting things.  For example, the exterior shots for “The Shining” were filmed at Timberline Lodge in Oregon.  Apparently, the “Here’s Johnny” axe is there.  The movie still freaks me out, but I can’t wait to spend a night at the lodge and check it all out!

Timberline Lodge

There are many people along the trail like Frodo & Scout in San Diego, Hiker Heaven and Casa de Luna that open their homes to PCT hikers and provide a home away from home.  We call these wonderful humans “trail angels”.  I’m sure there are many, many more that I will discover along the way.

PCT Hosting in San Diego
Hiker Heaven
Casa de Luna

Trail magic is an act of goodwill or remarkable moment that you might experience on the Pacific Crest Trail.

PCTA – Trail Magic and Trail Angels

I found this map on and have shared it here.  There are so many “Not To Be Missed” points and things to do along the trail!


Dolly Holmes (map design) and Liz “Snorkel” Thomas (research and words)

I can’t wait to start ~ Happy Trails!


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