April 9, 2019
San Diego, California
Weather ~ Sunny 22ºC

The Last Few Days

After a fabulous week with Nancy in Victoria and then a girl’s weekend at the Oak Bay Beach Resort with Nancy, Nadine, Debbie, Kim and Sheri, I was exhausted or maybe just full. We ate a lot of chips and dip and drank many bottles of wine. Tom was so very kind and brought us Starbucks in the mornings and the lovely Kim gifted us all with beautiful friendship necklaces. The spa treatments were spectacular and I have pretty toes for a few days. I’m going to be very mean to my feet for the next 6 months or so. I miss my girlfriends already. We had so many laughs and made more memories 🥰

I was sad to leave the girls yesterday and a little nervous about leaving on this adventure. I overthink too much. I flew on a float plane from Victoria to Seattle. My first time!

I straightened my hair for the last time in Victoria and wouldn’t you know it when we landed in Seattle it was raining. So I spent my travel day with curly, frizzy hair balled up in a scrunchie. I had packed carefully for the hike and my regular suitcase was on its way back to Edmonton with Debbie. I sat down to charge my phone and realized I didn’t have a phone charger, it was in my suitcase. Damn! I have a shiny new one now.

I arrived in San Diego in the evening and went straight to bed. I was here for a work related GIS Conference way back in 1997!  I shopped a lot (is anyone surprised?) and our team went to Tijuana for the day ~ it was my first time visiting Mexico.

Today I hit the REI store for some items that I couldn’t bring in the airplane and packed up my backpack. It’s probably too heavy and I’ll be ditching stuff along the way. I don’t know what though, I’ve gone through everything many times. I mailed Bryan my backpack carry case and an extra T-shirt that I had. After I went for a walk along the water and Seaport Village. Disappointed I found the Harley store AFTER I mailed extra stuff to Bryan so I didn’t buy anything.

I have the morning planned and taking the morning bus to Campo and should be starting the trail around 11:00 am. Starting to wonder what am I doing??!!



12 Replies to “Day 0 ~ What Am I Doing??!!”

  1. Let the hike begin, Get a good rest tonight. Be safe, when you start your day do a quick hazard assessment, do one each time something changes. Keep that lil voice that gets us all in trouble in check. M&D

  2. Yippeeee, can’t wait to follow you on your new adventure girl ! Be safe, keep hydrated, and lots of pictures lol ~ Way to Go Jackie !

  3. Looking fwd to following your adventures along this trail. I expect the scenery will be spectacular, trails ruggered, quiet times when there is only you and the passing of tales with other adventurous trekkers on the way. You certainly are motivated to challenge yourself – I hope it meets all your expectations. Keep safe😉

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