April 11, 2019
Arrived at Lake Morena!
Today ~ 20.4 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 32.8 Kilometres
Weather ~ Sunny 20ºC


Burger & Fries 🥰

My Day

I had a fabulous sleep and survived my first night on my own. I woke up a couple times, but that is normal for me these days. I heard the coyotes howling and was sort of scared, but was too tired to care.

I was up, camp packed, breakfast ate by 7 am and hiking towards Lake Morena – 20 Km away.

I forgot to wear my sun gloves yesterday and my hands got a bit of a sunburn.

It was a long day, the last 5 miles (according to the sign) seemed like forever and most of the day was up and down, up and down. I met a number of guys along the trail today. It’s nice to take a break and have somebody to chat with and share stories.

I saw 2 snakes. The first I just saw the tail as it slithered into the bush. I almost stepped on the second and it took off. They’re fast. Neither was a rattlesnake, but a lot of hikers are seeing them.

The end of the trail was Lake Morena. Gorgeous spot! I had to go to the Ranger Station and get a camping permit for $5. I set up my tent and checked out the bathroom. Hot showers, toilets and sinks. Heaven at this point. I headed to the restaurant and had a burger and fries. Best ever! I also got a lot of quarters for the shower in the morning. My feet stink.



10 Replies to “Day 2 ~ I Saw 2 Snakes!”

  1. Wow a restaurant that sells burgers and chips on the way! What type of trekking is this – gourmet! Glad that you are able to chat wiv others on the way. Plus that lovely hot shower.

  2. Hamburgers on the second day !!!

    Sweet .
    I don’t think I’ve ever been to Moreno lake


  3. Awesome love Sure glad you had a great day ,hot meal and a shower!! Have a wonderful day 3 love you xoxo

  4. So glad you are blogging your journey as you go. It’s awesome to hear the stories and see the pics of your days achievements. Take care of those stinky feet and travel safe!

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