April 10, 2019
Started at the Southern Terminus in Campo, California
Today ~ 12.4 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 12.4 Kilometres
Weather ~ Sunny 19ºC


Standing at the Southern Terminus and looking ahead.

My Day

Sweet Baby Jesus, I’m on my way 💕.  Today I’ve embarked on a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  I’m going northbound (NOBO) from Campo, California by the Mexican border to Monument 78 on the Canadian border hiking through California, Oregon and Washington states.  The trail is 4,265 kilometres long and should take me 5 1/2 to 6 months to complete.

Will I finish?  That is not my goal, although it will be fabulous to hike the entire trail.  Statistically, more people have summitted Mount Everest than have hiked the entire PCT.  I will consider it a huge accomplishment to sleep all by myself in my tent tonight because … well I’m afraid of the dark.

I took an Uber this morning from the hotel in San Diego. He was happy to have a longer drive.

Up until I put the water in my pack, I could manage it okay. When the Uber dropped me off I put my pack on and bent down to pick up my poles. I fell over. Just like a turtle stuck on its back flailing about. I was mortified because I was right by the border and you know I’m on camera somewhere and border patrol had a good laugh.

Here’s a picture of the border fence. You can see the Southern Terminus in the middle by the van.

I can’t wait to get rid of some of the stuff in a hiker box and the first post office I see there is another package going home to Bryan. I can’t believe I brought too much, it all seems important …. but it’s not all a necessity. My hips and shoulders hurt. Pretty sure I’ll have bruises in the morning.

It’s 6 pm here and I’m already in my tent. I only hiked 12.4 km and I found a little spot by the trail and here I am! I hear people walking by me lol.

The trail is beautiful! It’s easy to follow so far and there are a lot of signs. I did NOT see a rattlesnake today, but I was looking carefully. I saw rabbits, squirrels, beetles, birds and a lot of geckos.

I took some pictures with my iPhone and a lot with my camera. The camera pictures won’t transfer and I’m thinking that will be sent home! So I only have a few pictures that are on my phone.

I met a young man from California. He has just come home from Edmonton because he did his PhD at the U of A. So cool.



23 Replies to “Day 1 ~ And Away I Go!”

  1. We really enjoyed reading your post and of course we had a laugh ,thinking about you of course sleep good 💕

  2. You make laugh wiv falling over at the start and all on camera! Hope your get some 💤💤💤💤😉

  3. Very cool. I like that your rent is right on the trail. Lol. I understand why people are walking right by you. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

  4. Hey Jack!! Loved hearing about your day and laughed out loud thinking of you falling over!! Haha. Enjoy!! You inspire me. Not to do that, but something. Haha💖

  5. Way to Go Jackie! I enjoyed reading about your first day. The speed you go should be what feels right for you, it is not like you have reservations at the next campground. You will have good days and great days, just take it all in… you can do this!

  6. OMGosh this is the most ridiculously AWESOME thing I have seen this week… month… year…. You Rock Jackie!!!! I am just amazed every time I read your blog. Wish I was hiking the PCT!!!! Cant wait to see progress during this chapter of your adventure!!

  7. Love reading your posts and looking forward to reading more. Be safe and Enjoy your trip. 😘

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