April 13, 2019
Pine Valley to Noble Canyon
Today ~ 33.4 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 77.4 Kilometres


New sunglasses! They were $3.99 USD. Any bets on how long these will last before I break/lose/destroy them? Get the right day and I’ll buy you dinner when I’m home. Or you can buy me dinner, I’m unemployed!

My Day

I started off today in a comfy bed in Pine Valley still watching Sex and the City reruns. Carrie had the best shoes. I did NOT want to get up and my feet are still sore. Who gets blisters on the bottom of her feet? Geez.

I’ve been GPS’ing my coordinates nightly and I didn’t last night because the GPS was taking to long and I went back inside. My lapse was noticed! Thanks for the texts and phone calls ladies – I love you and miss you! Wine night when I get home.

My body hurts all over. Carrying your whole life in a pack certainly takes a toll. It’s a lot different than just carrying a few essentials in a day pack and a porter carrying everything else. I keep reminding myself that I will get stronger each day and it will hurt less. I’m sucking it up.

I hitched back to the trail and started hiking along again. I hate to say it, but I missed being outside last night. I loved the shower, the WIFI, the flushing toilet and the TV, but I missed my little tent. Tonight I’m doubling up the sleeping mat underneath my hips to see how that feels.

Mount Laguna is cool. I’m really enjoying Southern California. It’s beautiful here and the views are magnificent! They had a little bit of snow a few weeks back which I didn’t realize. I know I’ll see snow soon higher up, but didn’t think they got any lower down.

There was supposed to be an outfitter store at Mount Laguna with everything and the phrase was you “Got Daved” because the owner was such a good salesman. It’s no longer there so I didn’t get to look at switching out my pack.

A few more weeks of working this hard and I’m going to be a one woman freaking machine! For me, the best gym is the outdoors!

In the visitor centre in Mount Laguna they had stuffed animals. I did okay looking at the bobcat and coyotes. But omg the mountain lion! I don’t want to see one of those.

Overall, a fabulous hiking day! Some guy caught me peeing. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gone outside now. It may be a bit of an adjustment when I get home and can’t just squat behind the bush 😂

I’ve made my little camp and settled in for the night.



8 Replies to “Day 4 ~ Views, More Sunglasses & Peeing”

  1. Hey have a good night get some cream for your feet love !! Yes it must be heaven to sleep outside in the warm fresh air 👍Have a wonderful day tomorrow watch your pee spots 🤪😜 love you xoxo

  2. You’re an inspiration Girl !! Love the pic’s, looks amazing. Can’t wait for the next read 🙂

  3. So awesome! I wish I was doing that. Thinking I need to add that to the bucket list for retirement. In the meanwhile I’ll keep watching and waiting for updates as these blogs are brilliant.

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