April 14, 2019
Today ~ 25 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 102.4 Kilometres


The Canada sign 🇨🇦

My Day

Last night was very windy, but my little tent survived it all! Or it could have been my superior tent setting up skills! All night long, the tent rattled and shook and I kept waking up. The wind can sound an awful lot like a werewolf outside the tent getting ready to attack me.

I babied my feet last night and they were okay starting out. I have blisters on top of blisters on the bottoms of both feet. It hurts. Tomorrow I’m going to hitch into Julian and rest them and try to heal the blisters a bit. Any old wives remedies? Damn. I’ve worn these boots all over the world and have never had a blister before. After about 10 km, they were hurting. The last 5 km or so today I was cursing and limping.

The scenery is stunning. Around every corner I’m not sure what I’m going to see. The trail is up and down and a lot of switchbacks, but gorgeous.

This morning I hiked for a couple kilometres before I got to my first water stop. There were a number of folks there getting ready to head out on the mountain bike trails. There are tons of trails in this area, not just the PCT! Today, there were day hikers (that smelled like soap, shampoo and laundry detergent) and a few runners going up and down the trail. People all say hello and most stop and chat for a few minutes.

There were a number of spots where I was exposed on one side today. Practice for the Sierras! In one section near the Kwaaymii Point overlook there were a lot of memorial plaques in the rock.

Lots of bikes on the roads and I can hear the Harley’s in the distance 🥰



10 Replies to “Day 5 ~ Soapy Smelling People and Harley’s”

  1. Wow, great photos Jack! And I imagined you would be all by yourself so sounds like its busy, which is great. Watch your feet, though. That must really hurt. Have a good sleep, looking forward to tomorrow to hear about your travels. Xo🤗🤗

  2. Looking at mileage sign… we will all celebrate with you when the distance to Canada’ is less than back to Mexico. Watch those feet. Cheering for you

  3. Hi love we are really concerned with those blisters on your feet 🦶 maybe you need to have your new pair sent to you or try a different pair of insoles , I will be reading for answers !! Glad you enjoyed your hike but maybe stay put for an extra day and get those feet better!! Love you xoxo

  4. Wow just wow! Great pics.
    Blisters wise I’m proactive when I run ultras or hiking by taping or adding bandages to trouble areas before I’d get blisters and I also use Hoka runners which are like walking/running on pillows.
    I’m guessing you’re going to be using more than one pair of shoes or boots for the journey?

    1. I never had them on the bottom before. Everywhere else is great. Going to look for some insoles when I hit town.
      I have another pair of boots already, I should go through maybe 3 pairs, Mavia will mail to me when I need them.
      You’ll love this trail!!!

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