April 16, 2019
Today ~ 19.7 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 143.6 Kilometres


My feet didn’t hurt!! 🥰

My Day

I ordered a lighter pack last night and REI will deliver it to me in Warner Springs in a couple days. Excited!! It’s already been shipped.

My phone rang a little bit before 6 am this morning and scared the bejesus out of me. Mom said oh sorry I was trying to call your Father.

I hitched out of Julian and back to the trail. I was picked up by a man that has done the trail a couple of times with his wife. He gave me a lot of advice. He also told me I’m in mountain lion territory now. I didn’t need to know that lol.

It’s been windy and cold and drizzly all day. Head down, one foot in front of the other. A lot of up and down and switchbacks still.

Tonight I’m camping by other people which is nice because I have mountain lions on my mind.

Today is the Alberta Election. I couldn’t vote remotely. The UCP has won a majority government! Very happy with those results for my home province.

Good night!



6 Replies to “Day 7 ~ Wind, Rain & The Alberta Election”

  1. Hey Jackie, I am very impressed. You are a real adventurer and an excellent writer! I’ll follow you. Philippe from France.

  2. Looks like we won our vote the one we wanted in our mind 👍👏👏Getting more tents around you at night makes us happy 😃 The pictures are beautiful of you and the wonderful scenery of course 😘Love you xoxo

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