April 17, 2019
Today ~ 19.4 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 163 Kilometres


Passing the 100 Mile mark

My Day

I can’t believe it’s been 8 days and 163 km. I started off this morning signing the register book by the campground.

It’s been another wonderful day hiking. Most of the day was getting over the ridges I was on yesterday. It’s flattened out a bit now and I have about 10 km left until I get into Warner Springs tomorrow. Motel time!!

I passed a couple signs indicating Poison Oak!

I got my first Trail Magic today. A trio of past hikers had a spot all set up with beer, pop, chips, fruit and they were making breakfast burritos. The kindness of strangers ❤️



9 Replies to “Day 8 ~ 100 Miles & Trail Magic”

  1. Enjoy a real bed tonite on your motel …. and a hot shower I assume! Hope the Easter bunny finds you on Sunday!🐰

  2. Congratulations love and so happy for you crossing the 100 mile mark 🎉👏👏👍the pictures are awesome and you love gorgeous the outdoors really agree with you 💕xoxo

  3. Love catching up with you daily. The pics are beautiful. You look great! Enjoy the creature comforts tonight. Miss you… but so proud.

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