April 17, 2019
Today ~ 19.4 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 163 Kilometres


Passing the 100 Mile mark

My Day

I can’t believe it’s been 8 days and 163 km. I started off this morning signing the register book by the campground.

It’s been another wonderful day hiking. Most of the day was getting over the ridges I was on yesterday. It’s flattened out a bit now and I have about 10 km left until I get into Warner Springs tomorrow. Motel time!!

I passed a couple signs indicating Poison Oak!

I got my first Trail Magic today. A trio of past hikers had a spot all set up with beer, pop, chips, fruit and they were making breakfast burritos. The kindness of strangers ❤️


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9 thoughts

  1. Love catching up with you daily. The pics are beautiful. You look great! Enjoy the creature comforts tonight. Miss you… but so proud.

  2. Congratulations love and so happy for you crossing the 100 mile mark 🎉👏👏👍the pictures are awesome and you love gorgeous the outdoors really agree with you 💕xoxo

  3. Enjoy a real bed tonite on your motel …. and a hot shower I assume! Hope the Easter bunny finds you on Sunday!🐰

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