April 19, 2019
Warner Springs
Today ~ 0 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 170.3 Kilometres
Weather ~ Sunny 29ºC


Being lazy! More showers 🥰

My Day

A “Zero Day” is a day when you don’t rack up any trail miles and generally do nothing either in town or camp. I decided to stay in Warner Springs and be a lazy bum while debating my options regarding what to do next.

Thank you for all the responses, texts and calls to yesterday’s post. I am doing great just conflicted a bit and I’ll sort it all out. Feeling lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life 💕

I chatted with my Mom and my Son today. It made me very happy to hear their voices.

I decided I’m going to press on to Idyllwild and see how I feel then. I’ve been planning and dreaming about the PCT for a while and I don’t want to just go home and have regrets down the road. If you don’t give things in life a good try, how do you really know?

Idyllwild is 42.4 miles / 68.2 km away from here. At my current pace, it’ll take me 4 days to get there. There are no towns in between so I’ll have the next 4 days on my own to know one way or the other if this is what I want to be doing.

I’m also starting to believe I have to MUCH time to do nothing but think. I’d listen to tunes, but then I won’t hear the rattlesnakes. It’s strange being all by yourself in the wilderness. It becomes very apparent what’s important, what’s not, what your priorities are and where your heart is.

I went back to the post office and mailed my old bag back to Bryan and picked up a few things in the gas station store. I also walked down to the resource centre looking for a few items for my resupply. There’s a gentleman with a trailer full of supplies by the resource centre. I got some spiffy insoles for my boots. Great business he has going!!

It was a nice little stroll there going by the golf course and the horses. Nice to see a fence between me and horses 😂 No cows giving me the creepy eyes today. I truly have no clue what I’m going to do when I see a bear or a cougar. Mess my pants big time probably. Or faint.

I went back to the Golf Grill and had more chips, salsa and guacamole. So very yummy! And of course I had another glass of Sauvignon Blanc!

I’m heading back to my cabin to relax and read and get mind ready to hit the trail! I’ll be heading out in the morning. It’ll be nice to be moving along again.

Happy Easter 🐣




8 Replies to “Day 10 ~ My First ”Zero Day””

  1. Happy Easter to you too Jackie. Keep going but also do what’s right for you. In the back of my mind I just think that you will never get the chance to do this again. Conflict!

    1. Thanks Jon! I’m going to the next town and see how it all goes. Miss my life. Think I’ve been travelling too much. This will be my second summer gone if I stay on the trail.

  2. Just to add – on the public holiday today I painted my back fence. It’s nice. An achievement? No. I’ll shut up now.

  3. Hey Jack! Thanks for being so courageous and adventurous and for sharing your stories! Ken, Connor and Spencer and I love your blog posts daily and we are checking your blogs every eve as a family ;-). My boys think you are so cool! Whatever you decide will be the right decision… and I admire your stamina and curiosity! Hope the next 4 days are amazing for you!!! – xo AND Thank God for the UCP win! The energy from people in downtown Calgary is already more positive 😉

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