April 18, 2019
Warner Springs
Today ~ 7.3 Kilometres
Cumulative ~ 170.3 Kilometres
Weather ~ Sunny 27ºC


The Shower!! Clean Clothes!! A Flushing Toilet!!

My Day

I woke up this morning and knew I didn’t have long to go until Warner Springs! I have to pick up my new, lighter backpack at the post office and I’m staying for a night or maybe two.

I slowly took apart my camp and ate breakfast. There was another hiker not to far away from me and I was waiting for him to leave so I could dig my hole in relative privacy. Digging holes is not a high point for me albeit it is a priority.

A nice stroll brought me to Eagle Rock. I hung out here for a while chatting with a day hiker from San Diego and taking pictures.

Once I left Eagle Rock and got back on the trail, I could see cows in the distance. They were blocking the trail so I walked around them as best I could. Very creepy with them looking at me and walking towards me. I gave them a wide berth and one started in my direction. I didn’t realize I could run with my pack on. I can move!! My next steak will be very good (sorry Donna love ya).

I arrived in Warner Springs and stopped at the Resource Centre. They are geared to the PCT hikers and have camping, bathrooms, bucket showers, food and advice. I had a Halloween size bag of Doritos and a Diet Coke.

I continued on and a lady picked me up and dropped me off at the gas station. It’s right by the post office and the cabins where I’m spending the night.

I ate lunch at the Warner Springs Ranch Resort Golf Grill while waiting for check in. I had 2 orders of the chips, salsa and guacamole. So very good!! I love homemade salsa and guac and this stuff was amazing hence the 2nd order.

I checked in to my little cabin and went to the post office and picked up my new bag. Fabulous cabin! I unpacked, did my laundry (stinky!) and repacked the new bag.

Showering was pure and utter bliss! I had dirt under my finger nails!?! Now my hair is clean and a curly disaster, I have no makeup, I’m bruised and sore and in desperate need of a waxing, but I feel good 💕

I have a bladder infection starting up and took one of my precious antibiotics. I didn’t see cranberry juice in the gas station store, which is the only store.

I’ll need to go back to the post office to mail home my old bag. Sorry Bryan, there will be yet another package on the way for you to watch for.

The last few days and especially since passing the 100 Mile mark, I’ve been very ambivalent about doing this hike. I saw the 100 in the rocks and thought okay been here, done this, time to go home Jackie. Maybe if I hadn’t been on the road for the last year already I might feel different? My priorities are in Alberta. I’m flip flopping right now, start making my way home tomorrow or hike on to Idyllwild and see how I feel at that time. Or I’ll just stay here another day and flip flop some more.

I’m going back to the Golf Grill for supper and a glass of wine or two. Night!!



23 Replies to “Day 9 ~ Cleanliness, Wine & Decisions”

  1. Ok, I read your post. Loved it and then laughed out loud when I saw the cow picture!!! Do what feels right for you, I’m so impressed with everything you do already!! Love that little cabin. Just stay there, meet a cowboy or two..xoxo N

    1. Bears in Cali are super chill . I’ve woke up with them by me many times in Yosemite. Not at all like grizzly bears or even Canadian brown bears . Grizz are seriously scary . Polar bear not so bad unless they are hunting you .

  2. Hang in there, take a day or two to gather your thoughts and set your next stretch goal. Looks amazing so far.

  3. Super pics. Really enjoying the daily blog! Do what you feel. I think continuing or not continuing is irrelevant. The brave and fabulous decision was taking this on in the first place! If you’re not present while hiking, well that’s your answer. I support whichever and I’m sure all your friends and loved ones feel exactly the same! 💌

  4. Can understand your ‘up and down’ feelings after looking at your photos of long tracks leading nowhere! It’s harder when you don’t have someone to share the ‘wow’ moments or chats along the way! Stay in that lovely cabin for a few days, recharge and then you’ll be in a better mind to decide. You are fulfilling a great adventure that you’ve been planning for for along time… you may never return again. 💤💤💤 well😉

  5. Jackie!!! My brave and beautiful friend!!! I am absolutely adoring your updates – thanks for the awesome daily digest. You are rocking this!! What a gorgeous spot to enjoy a well-deserved rest. Big, big hugs from here! 🤗

  6. Amazing !!!
    Definitely at least go to Idlewild., have you been there ? I’ve climbed there a ton . It’s sort of the birth place of the Yosemite climbing rating system .
    Jake and I have hiked up Taquitz . It’s the highest Mountain on that side of I 10.

  7. Good morning love how is our beautiful daughter this morning so proud of your accomplishment but always remember accomplishments can be made a little bit at a time one year at a time !!! Love you and we’ll talk later today 💕xoxo

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