I have to return to work soon ~ however, I am having one last hurrah and travelling to New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.  I will have travelled to all 7 continents when I get to Australia and that is a dream come true for me.  I’m hoping to cover as much ground as I can!

New Zealand

Must do’s are:

  1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Shark Dive (saw sharks!)
  3. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  4. Angkor Wat √
  5. Hobbiton
  6. Have a “Singapore Sling” at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore
  7. Go as high as I’m allowed in the Petronas Twin Towers
  8. Swing over the ocean √ (did a big swing but not over the ocean)
  9. Son Doong Cave (too expensive for the caving trek this time for me)
  10. Halong Bay √
  11. Orangutans
  12. Skydive again!

I depart May 28 and I am all packed.  Travel lessons have been learned the hard way and I’m travelling with one carry on backpack.

Happy Travels!



9 Replies to “Spring / Summer 2019 Travel Plans!”

  1. What a way to end the Adventure!!! If you make it through Perth let me know!!!

  2. Looking fwd to seeing you in Melbourne. Many things on your bucket i’ve done – convenient when you live in Australia! You will have done the 7 continents (by the way NZ not a continent – sorry) completed when I walked in Antarctica! Angkor Wat sensational in Cambodia, Halong Bay in Vietnam fantastic, orangutans in Borneo ( Seppalock NP) unbeluevabke, in Australia Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour Bridge walk a must. NZ – Bay of Island in the north island just beautiful! Phillipines on my ‘bucket list’ next year. Another big adventure to come!😉✈️

    1. What about bungee jumping in Queenstown?
      If you get a chance to they have multi day kayak trips on the Abel Tasman which is an incredible experience.
      What a fantastic trip this will be! Looking forward to seeing updates on your blog.

    2. That sounds fun too! I really want to bungee jump one day. Don’t know if I have the courage to actually jump though. They’ll need to give me a little shove. 😂

  3. We know you are overjoyed with your new adventure and travel safe we love you xoxo 😘 See you in August

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