After my wine tasting shenanigans yesterday, I’m feeling my age this morning. I’m now in Sydney at the Asylum Backpackers Hostel and it looks like an interesting place! I’m the old lady in the dorm, these young ladies sure like to leave their clothes all over the floor. I’d be more worried about what’s going to get on my clothes from the floor. It’s like when you’re in a public bathroom and the woman in the next stall puts her purse and her coat on the floor. Ewwww!!!

Here’s my bunk.

My flight was uneventful. They weighed my 9.25 kg bag this time.

This morning, I hit the Starbucks and my Mother phoned. I’m thinking her overall message was don’t get drunk. If she was with me yesterday at the wine tasting, she would have drank me under the table!! So I chatted with her and then with my Dad and then another call with Bryan. Miss him so much.

Nadine, here’s the Australia and Sydney mugs.

I headed towards the harbour. I’m a freaking bloodhound! Look what I found! I browsed and told myself repeatedly that I have NO SPACE in my backpack and really need a job before buying more shoes.

Today was BRIDGE CLIMB DAY!! I wanted to do this for quite some time. I continued on to the harbour for my first glimpses of the Opera House and the Bridge.

I’m going to get on my soapbox for a bit. My first view was blocked by the Carnival Spirit, a cruise ship. Now I love cruises and any kind of boat expedition, and I’ve sailed into some of these ports (eg. Venice) on a ship where we really shouldn’t …. I think we need to look at what the sheer size of these ships is doing to our harbours. Ships can anchor outside and passengers can be tendered in.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

My climb was amazing!! We went to the summit of the bridge, 134m above sea level. There were a lot of stories from our guide. Only 16 men died during the construction of the bridge which took place from 1923 to 1932. Wow! Fascinating tidbits worth reading up on if you’re interested.

After my climb, I walked around the Opera House and had a salad for lunch at the Opera Kitchen.

A lot to see in central Sydney.

I made a wish in the wishing well.

I found the Hard Rock and got a T-shirt for my boy.

I’m seeing a show tomorrow night at the Opera House and I’m excited! Good night folks. The hungover and old has to get to bed.

Happy Travels πŸ’•
🌏 🍷 πŸ‘ 



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  1. Thanks Jackie, you photos are bringing back some great memories. Keep enjoying our wonderful country.

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