I got drunk today. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I woke up in Tassie!! I’ve been told a lot that Australians like to shorten their words. Tasmania … Tassie, Parmigiana … Parmi, TD … Tasmanian Devil. I’m starting to get it. I did yet another small load of laundry, basically I need to wash my leggings. Looking forward to getting to South East Asia so I can start to wear the shorts and tank tops I brought.

I watched the semifinals of the French Open the other night with Linda. The finals were last night (really late here in Australia) and the young lady, Ash Barty, from Australia won. Well done!

I have to mention The Pickled Frog 🐸 a great little hostel! Clean and fun with a lot of things to do. The ladies bathrooms are covered in graffiti. I sent a couple choice ones to Donna and think I’ve sent her into therapy.

There isn’t a Starbucks here so I sat in Hudsons Coffee planning my day.

I had big plans for today, but ended up walking, eating and drinking my way around the waterfront!!

Fish Frenzy was a stop! I had the grilled scallops. Omg these were soooo good.

Then I stopped at Pearl Co. in The Mures and had Cerviche and a glass of wine.

Then I did a wine tasting at the Gasworks Cellar Door.

  • Moorilla Praxis Chardonnay Musque
  • Devil’s Corner Pinot Grigio
  • Hughes & Hughes Rose
  • Bream Creek Pinot Noir
  • Watertown Hall 20 Year Old Shiraz
  • Storm Bay Merlot Cabernet

Last stop was the Post Street Social where I made bad choices and had French Fries and ANOTHER glass of wine.

Seriously slightly bombed after all that. Two glasses and I’m drunk, today was fun lol. The morning won’t be.

The little bit I saw of Tasmania is breathtaking and worth a longer return visit. The next long stretch of time I have I’m coming back to New Zealand and Australia, bringing my hiking boots and doing nothing but hiking. 💕🥾

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠


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  1. Sounds like a great day. Next time you visit hopefully i will have more time and. Show you more of our wonderful country.

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