I was up way too early for people to be awake. I took Jetstar on this leg, they’re the cheap one here in Australia. There was only 1 flight today and it was at 6 am. But …they were $200 cheaper than Virgin so 6 am it was.

Cairns is very green with A LOT of trees! It’s hot and humid and 26°C right now.

I’m at Geckos Backpackers for a few nights. He put me in a twin room instead of a dorm for the same price. The bathroom is coed so I’ll be hiding away in the stall again.

I spent the afternoon getting my legs waxed (desperately needed) and walking around the waterfront. I found the Harley store and daydreamed about my bike. I didn’t buy a shirt because I have limited space and have to LOVE the shirt to squeeze it in.

I’ve booked a skydive for Thursday and 3 dives of The Great Barrier Reef on Friday. Excited!!!!!

It’s only 530 pm here and I’m exhausted. Crawling into bed with my Kindle.

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠



8 Replies to “Cairns, More Co-Ed & I’ve Booked Stuff!”

  1. Great to see you made it to Cairns. Weather will be totally different to done south. It’s rained all day but not cold!!! I remember seeing Geckos – hopefully your room mate ok. My travels begin. On Skybus from home. My flights not till 11:50pm – somehow hav to keep awake.

    Look fwd to see your entries on the blog. Enjoy your activities planned😉

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