First a warning for vegans and vegetarians … you may want to skip this post!

Next, I’m staying in the noisiest hostel ever! This one was advertised as slightly older crowd and no alcohol permitted. Yep, the noisiest!!!!!!

I spent some time last night figuring out my next steps from Cairns. The plan was to go to Bali. Well … flights are expensive getting me out of Australia and into South East Asia. I ended up booking Singapore Airlines from Cairns – Singapore – Bali with a 44 hour layover in Singapore. It was the same price as flights taking me from Cairns – Sydney – Bali. But, this gives me a full day to see the sights in Singapore and have a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. The hotel is being renovated and reopens August 2019. At first I was really disappointed I wouldn’t be able to have my drink there, but the Long Bar is open!!

Yes, I can plan and schedule and save money! 🤪

I started off my morning with a Chai Latte across the street. Been having a few of these here and there and they put my Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes to shame. After weighing at the Sky Dive, I need to cut these out. Fuuuccckkk how does that happen????

Today was Skydive day! I booked the 11:00 am trip with Tandem Cairns who picked me up at my hostel. A little laziness coming through on my part.

I did a tandem jump with Lee from 15,000 feet. He likes to tell jokes like if he loses me he’ll see me on the ground 🤣 Cameron was the outside cameraman. So cool! I wasn’t as nervous this time until I was hanging out of the plane. That’s always a little scary!!! I had a fabulous afternoon!!!! ❤️🤪

Vegan and Vegetarian Friends … Stop Reading Now!! Donna, please still love me.

For supper I went to a place called The Raw Prawn with every intention of having some prawns if they didn’t come with their beady little eyes. I got distracted by this and decided to try the Hop, Swim & Jump!!

The Barramundi was delicious (white fish on the bottom). The Crocodile (white bottom right) tasted a lot like chicken. My very well done Kangaroo (dark meat) was amazing!! I love wild meat and really enjoyed the kangaroo! I’m going to be more adventurous and try new foods this trip.

If you ever have the opportunity, give it a try!!

Off to bed! Dive day tomorrow!

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠



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    1. I remember how excited I was going up in the plane but how nervous I was getting out…I’d definitely have to go through the process to get out of that plane on my own. I’m pretty sure I may have even tried back pedaling to stay in the plane! Lol. What a rush when you free fall though. How long was your free fall from 15000ft?

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