Today has been so relaxing and I didn’t do a whole lot. I started off by hitting up Starbucks and going for a walk on the beach. The waves are big and I’m not a strong swimmer so I didn’t venture in. I’m a life jacket kinda girl!

I washed my laundry in the tub and puttered about and texted with Bryan and Mavia.

I seriously looked at travelling to Komodo and seeing the dragons and diving. I decided against the diving because I don’t have my Advanced Open Water and I don’t consider myself experienced enough yet for the strong ocean currents. Definitely a certification to obtain! Some websites say they can teach you to dive and take you everywhere and others are up front and say no, you need the diving experience to dive with the currents.

I’m on the fence about travelling there and trying to book a day trip to see the dragons. It’ll add a few days I wasn’t planning on and OMG they are gigantic!!!! I don’t want to leave this world being a dragon snack!!!! Remember Dragonslayer and at the beginning where the girl is chained to the post and the dragon comes and gets her? One of my favourite 80’s movies.

I ventured out again later and went to the mall. It reminded me a lot of the tourist areas in Mexico. Same stores and restaurants and I didn’t buy anything. I can get it all at home. I did take note of the tsunami evacuation route though!

I sat outside in yet another Starbucks for a long time and people watched. They don’t have Chai Tea Lattes here the way I like them so I tried an iced black tea with hazelnut. It was good!

I booked a driver for the next couple days through the hotel and I’m looking forward to exploring this area and seeing some non- touristy areas. It is really beautiful and people are so friendly.

To top off my day I spent a couple hours in the spa. I did the “Dazzling Chic”. It was wonderful!

I had a prawn salad for supper here at the hotel. It came with the eyes and the look on my face gave me away. The waiter disappeared with it and came back with prawns without their eyes. I don’t know what it is about the beady little eyes on shrimp that freak me out. I can take a lobster or crab apart without batting an eye, give me a shrimp with eyes and ewwww.

Another early night for me!

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠



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  1. $43 dollars for a massage, body scrub and facial over 2 hours…and a Starbucks coffee…now that sounds like the perfect start to anyone’s day!

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