I said goodbye to Hanoi and headed to Da Nang. I truly enjoyed my time in Hanoi. It is a fascinating city with so much history and many things to do.

I flew on Vietnam Airlines and the flight was a little over an hour. I was the lucky passenger again who had a window seat with no window!

After arriving in Da Nang, I checked into my hostel and headed to the beach. I walked along the water for a couple hours. I can’t believe how warm the water was. I’m so relaxed when I’m just strolling along. My feet have been used and abused this year and it was heavenly to walk on the sand and in the water with no shoes on.

The usual pose and one with the glasses off squinting into the sun!

There were a number of round fishing boats on the beach. Interesting looking.

There is a Dragon Bridge that crosses the Han River. Very cool looking! It measures 666 metres and has 6 lanes.

I had supper and headed back to my hostel. I had already walked 10 km and I got a Grab (Asian Uber). Very tired.

When I book a hostel and when I remember to do so, I confirm that there is a bottom bunk available for me. I did that with this hostel and had the email confirming the bottom bunk. When I arrived, they had already given it to somebody else. Okay not the end of the world. I can haul my butt up the ladder into the top bunk. I’m really just afraid of falling off.

I climbed up a few rungs and there was a big stain and a lot of long dark hair on the bottom sheet. I indicated that the sheets needed to be changed. This was at check in. When I returned in the evening, the sheets hadn’t been changed. When I went downstairs, I was told they wouldn’t change it for me. I explained the stain and somebody else’s hair and was told no again. I was appalled and had my Princess Exorcist moment. I could not sleep in a dirty bed. I don’t understand for the life of me why they couldn’t change the freaking sheets!!!

I went back upstairs, got my backpack and I left. Instead of a $6 hostel, I’m now in a $28 hotel down the street. It was dark and it was the first place I came to. The sheets are clean.

Night folks!

Happy Travels


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  1. We’ve had non stop rain this summer here in Sherwood Park so it was nice to see and here the ocean…even if only in video. I would’ve done the same at the hostel! Don’t blame you a bit.

  2. The round boats are coracles. In the Sumerian mythology, a coracle was the type of boat that was used to save the animals during the great flood. The Hebrew Noah story is based on this myth. Whoever translated the bible into Latin, probably did not know what a coracle was, so it was changed to an ark

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