When you’re staying on the 6th floor with no elevator and it’s oppressively hot and humid, you PLAN your day around how many times you’ll have to climb the 6 flights of stairs.

Still not recovered from this freaking cough and cold, I didn’t have much to do today other than rest and try to get better. I needed to go down to reception to pick up my laundry and go to Starbucks. It had been a few days and I had a craving. I had no plans other than meeting up with Rachael, who I met on Komodo Island, for supper and a glass or two of wine!

First thing to resolve was what to wear. All my clothes I’ve been wearing were in the laundry bag. Downstairs. Down and UP 6 flights of stairs to wear anything in that bag. Then back UP again when I returned from Starbucks. I don’t think so. I had one clean T-shirt, but because of my Mother’s side of the family I’m not one of those body blessed A sized women that can run about without undergarments. Plus I’d be drenched in sweat when I got back.

So practical sort that I am, off I went … in my bathing suit.

I unfortunately realized that when you inspect your legs for hair in the bathroom and think you’re okay is not what you’ll find out in the sunlight. I tell myself whatever, nobody knows me here and I’ll wear my leggings home. My first few days home are fully booked ~ nails, pedicure, hair and waxing. Since I’m home in 11 days, it is what it is now.

I consider myself an expert Vietnam street crosser now. I just make sure there aren’t any buses coming and step out into the scooter frenzy and ignore all the honking noise. My only wish is that I don’t get squished by a scooter and die a hot, sweaty mess with hairy legs in a foreign country.

I made it to Starbucks and enjoyed my tea on the walk back. Hot tea, which I’m sure makes me sweat more. I stopped in the store for some Diet Coke and if I’m honest a little bag of regular Doritos. I made it back to my hostel, soaked and picked up my laundry.

The 6 flights of stairs loomed in front of me and both hands were full with laundry, Starbucks, wallet, Diet Coke, Doritos, phone and my room key.

Wouldn’t you know it about half way up my nose started to run. Since both hands were full, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I was never so glad to get up those stairs, into my air conditioned room and flop down on my bed.

I spent the afternoon engrossed in my Kindle rereading the last few books of the Bridgerton series. Hopeless romantic that I am, I did read that the cure for any ailment is chocolate and biscuits and I believe I should test that theory!

I finally pulled myself away from my Kindle and the Georgian and Regency periods of England and showered to meet Rachael. She met me here at the hostel and we went out.

I went out without my hat (it was in my bag though) and even put on some eye makeup ~ I thought I’d forget how to lol. My hair seems to have lost some of the curl here and is just wilted and frizzy. About an hour into the night, it was soaking wet and up in a scrunchie.

We first went to a little street where the train passes. There isn’t any room on either side. We had a couple beer and watched 2 trains go by. When the train is coming your chairs and little tables get moved back out of the way. All I had to do was reach out a little bit and I could have touched the train.

We went for supper and then had a couple glasses of wine. It’s been a while. I hope the alcohol killed off a few cold germs. It was wonderful to see Rachael again and catch up on our travelling since Komodo Island. As I keep saying, the best part of travelling is the people you meet.

All in all, for me it was a quiet day here in Vietnam. A hot, humid, feels like 45°C day. But a well planned day with only 2 trips UP the stairs.

I’m off to Da Nang tomorrow, then Hoi An and finally Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I’m fly home from there with a long layover in Taipei, Taiwan.

Earlier, I checked my flight home to see if I had selected a seat and I had. After all the little flights I’ve taken the last couple months I’m looking forward to chilling out on this one with wine and my Kindle. I’m flying home on Taiwan’s Eva Air from Saigon to Taipei to Vancouver and then Air Canada to Edmonton. Apparently I get provided pajamas ~ I’m not sure if I get to keep them. I was both relieved and scared to see this message.

I really want to buy something there that says “Made in Taiwan”. I bet I see something that says “Made in Canada”. I wonder if the people there realize how many products we see in Canada that come from Taiwan. I will inquire.

Happy Travels


6 Replies to “Stairs, Trains & Wine”

  1. Will ! Will ! Will ! Momma must say I really enjoy the read you tell it like it is honey and I love that about you !!Sure glad you enjoy your time with your friend and safe travels tomorrow love 💕 Hugs from Momma and Poppa xoxo

  2. Keep persisting wiv that lurgy!! Love the train going thru … how close is that. When you get home Jackie and fall into your own comfy bed you’ll look back and say all the discomforts were worth it!!! I’m home now and a terrific welcome from Harvey – Lizzie in the back room. Slept a solid 11hrs last night wiv furkids snuggling – that I missed the most on my travels!!! Enjoy the rest of Vietnam. Will be interested to hear about Taiwan & Taipei- don’t know much about those countries at alll. Keep safe & well.

    1. The train was wow right there. Lizzie & Harvey are so happy now that you’re home! I’m actually looking forward to getting home. Travel is fabulous but coming home to the ones you love is better 💕

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