I walked around the Ancient Town. Hoi An Old Town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the 15th century. It’s very interesting looking at the many different types of architecture.

I visited the Japanese Covered Bridge. It was built in the 1590’s by the Japanese to connect to the Chinese community across the stream. Over the centuries, additions and restorations have taken place. It is a covered walkway with a temple inside.

I picked up my Ao Dai this afternoon and I love it! I can’t wait to wear it somewhere. I love the traditional dress of Asian women and to me it looks very elegant. Y’all know I need a new pair of shoes to wear with it!!

I need to get a Vietnamese hat and not be a hot, sweaty, snotty mess before showing the full thing 💕🤣

I have a surprise for my Mama ❤️ Probably not much of a surprise since I forced her to send me all her measurements. She left colours up to me too!!

How long have I had this cold? I’m so tired of blowing my nose!! How can my body produce this much snot?? Seriously it’s ridiculous. I’m almost out of medicine again. Geez Louise. I start to cough and can’t stop. I sound like I’m going to choke.

The hostel I’m in is good. I’m sharing a 4 bed room with 3 ladies from Holland. One of them has been sick too. I can imagine the germs floating around in our room.

I ate pizza today. Haven’t had one since Barb took me to her favourite place in Australia.

I am enjoying Hoi An and really like the vibe here.

Next stop … Saigon!

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠

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4 thoughts

  1. Every place look beautiful and you my girl are gorgeous and the TAN Momma is so jealous!! Your outfit is beautiful and I’m sure showing all of you will be spectacular 😘O Momma love surprises xoxo

  2. Your hostel looks very comfortable. Isn’t Vietnam just a stunning country, with the most beautiful people. Enjoy every moment

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