The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

I really want to be a smart ass and say my country’s PM would try to change that to “mice and peoplekind”. I must be feeling better!

Well hello Saigon! I’ve always wanted to wander about your streets. I’m so happy to be here 😊 and have a whole list of things I want to see and do!

It was raining when I arrived so I went and got Nadine’s Starbucks mug and Bryan’s Hard Rock T-shirt. I saw a big RAT walking back. Rats freak me out. Same as cockroaches. Probably because I’m not used to seeing either in Canada. Plus they’re both gross.

I saw the Canadian Embassy while I was walking. I’m so homesick.

I spent my first night in a hostel. It was okay, but the bunk was hard as a rock and I could not get comfortable enough to sleep. My constant hacking cough didn’t help either. There were about 10 bunks in there and it was mixed male and female. A lot of farting and snoring going on. I was so sore in the morning from the bunk.

There were a lot of kittens around. I’ll be gone before the beginning of the month, but all I could think of looking at the kittens was which one will it be? I’m struggling with the cats and dogs thing. Once I get something in my head, that’s it. It’s like being in the dark and once you start to think of a horror movie, you can’t get it out of your head. I’m probably overthinking it, but that’s me.

Back to the hostel. The bathroom had 2 showers and 2 toilets and a common sink area. It was okay. The glass separating everything was sort of blurry, but you could still see through. There was a lady having a shower when I went in so I know what could be seen. My turn. Could I turn on the shower? Nope. The previous lady was at the sink so she came in and showed me how to turn it on. I’m an idiot.

So I’m having my shower and a guy came in at the sink. I did NOT like it because I knew he could see me. I was very uncomfortable and huddled in the corner as best I could. Prude? Modest? Crazy freak? Whatever, it’s not my thing. Then he used the toilet.

I was dressed and packed up to leave faster than if you told me Louboutin’s were being given away for free. Non refundable? Even though I paid for 6 nights? That’s okay, keep my $40. Bye!!

I ended up at Starbucks with my purple backpack and my bag of shopping. I was looking through and figured I’ve had enough of hostels and I only have 5 nights left. Princess is going to a hotel!

I found a great spot for $33 a night. The room is fabulous, it’s so clean, my bathroom is huge and I have my own balcony. The owner gave me a free beer when I got here. I did look like a drowned rat from walking around with my pack on. I went to my room, drank the cold beer and had a long nap.

I was chatting with my Mom the other day and she said maybe I’m not sick. Maybe I’m allergic to something because she is and what I was describing sounded the same as she gets. Out I went to find a pharmacy. I went in coughing and blowing my nose and the pharmacist started to give me yet another varied selection of cold and cough medicine and I was like nope. My Mother thinks I might be allergic to something. Give me allergy stuff. I’ve never taken allergy medication before. I haven’t had to blow my nose in hours and the cough seems to be gone. Did I finally beat the cold or am I allergic to something here that’s not at home? Who knows for sure. I’m just happy to be feeling better.

My room has a little fridge so I stocked up on water and pop. I’m in heaven and so cozy.

All in all a lazy day. I did all my laundry in the sink and it’s drying in my big bathroom. I’m relaxing and reading. Tomorrow I have to finish my shopping and sightsee around Saigon.

One of the things I struggled with while travelling last year was having days when I didn’t really do anything. When you’re travelling for months, every single day can’t be filled with doing something. You need down time. And sometimes you just need a day for a beer and a nap.

My next post won’t be filled with hostel or snot stories! I promise. I’m looking forward to exploring and experiencing Saigon.

Happy Travels


4 Replies to “An Unscheduled Move, A Nap & Allergies”

  1. I laughed and agreed wiv your comments. Last 5 days travelling …. bugger it live in style as I did in Hong Kong for 3 days / 2 nights. Hotel room looks great – white clean sheets an an aircon!!! Down time hard to do when travelling … know the feeling! I kept saying I am waking early and walking 15,000-18,000 steps a day … the body is saying stop – I need to recover! My days of catching planes I had a leisurely morning and watched Netflix! The dogs and cats irked me too… especially when chihuahua was on the menu! Remember Lizzie. But you had to remember their history and how they starved in the war! Crickets, cockroaches, rats and tarantulas was their staple diet when their crops were destroyed or stolen! Enjoy your last few days … you’ll be home soon. Visit to a doctor top of your list when you get home as you may hav picked up something that you don’t want long term. Happy travels …. Canada coming soon!

    1. Your comments about what was eaten during the war gives me perspective. Still hard to comprehend.
      I’m looking forward to getting home, but sad that this travelling interlude is over and I have to go back to work. Real life beckons!!

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