And just like that we were making our way to London!  

Eilean Donan Castle

Dating all the way back to the 13th century, this castle is alongside the road from Inverness to the Isle of Skye.  Three lochs meet here ~ Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh.  The castle was partially destroyed during the Jabobite uprisings of 1719 and lay in ruins for 200 years.  It was bought by Lieutenant-Colonel John MacRae-Gilstrap in 1911 and restored.

There is a Roll of Honour at the castle for the Clan MacRae’s World War 1 casualties and John McCrae is listed.  John McCrae is the Canadian soldier who wrote “In Flanders Fields”.

Remember the Highlander movie from the ’80’s with Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery?  Scenes were filmed at this castle.


The WaterFront

Back in Inverness, since it was Sunday we were looking for Sunday Lunch and found the WaterFront.  Sunday Lunch was fabulous!

Caledonian Sleeper

Wake up to a unique way of travelling
Caledonian Sleeper is a gateway to a world of possibilities with our overnight rail service bringing you the flavours of Scotland and comfort travelling between London and Scotland.
There’s something special about closing your eyes in one location and waking up to views of another world, ready to start an adventure.
Caledonian Sleeper Website

Off to the train station to board the Caledonian Sleeper, an overnight sleeper train, taking the Inverness to London route.  We had the Club Room which was a bunk bed with an ensuite toilet, washbasin and shower.  We were tripping over each other, but you can’t beat the luxury of your own toilet.

I still love train travel ~ one of the best ways to travel.


Happy Travels


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