Well colour me happy!  I walked in Westminster Abbey and pictures are now allowed.  I did not have my camera (because as far as I knew pictures weren’t allowed) and I had to make do with my iPhone.  Pictures have never been allowed before in the Abbey and I will admit I snuck one a few years back of C.S. Lewis.  Next time I’m in London, I’ll be back WITH my camera.

Westminster Abbey is one of the most fascinating places I have ever wandered through.  The architecture is spellbinding and so many events have taken place here including:

  • The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
  • Every coronation since 1066
  • Royal Burials ~ Elizabeth I, Mary I and Mary, Queen of Scots
  • Burials ~ Stephen Hawking, C.S. Lewis, Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens
  • Funerals ~ Diana, Princess of Wales, The Queen Mother and since my visit, Queen Elizabeth II
  • Weddings ~ The Queen and Prince Philip, Prince William and Kate Middleton
  • Memorials ~ Jane Austen, Lord Byron, Sir Francis Drake, Lewis Carroll

There is too much history in this one place to fully take in.  I have been here many times and see something different every time.

Tomb of the Unknown Warrior


Queen Elizabeth I and Mary 1

Mary, Queen of Scots


King Edward I, King Henry III, King Edward III, King Richard II and Anne of Cleves

More of the Abbey

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