Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and is called Little Paris.  Stunning architecture, welcoming people, and an old town centre to wander through made my visit unforgettable.

Le Boutique Hotel Moxa – Bucharest

Located near the city centre, the Moxa Hotel is a boutique hotel with everything you need.  I had the Standard Premium room that was perfect for me.

King Michael I Park

Surrounding Lake Herăstrău, King Michael I Park is 187 hectares and very relaxing to stroll about in.  Beautiful lake, love lock bridge, and memorials to Michael Jackson are some of the sights.

Monument to Heroes of the Air

Monument to the Heroes of the Air or Monumentul Eroilor Aerului was built between 1930 and 1935 for the air heroes of World War I.


Biserica Sfantul Nicolae Tabacu

First built in the 1600’s, this Romanian Orthodox church is an amazing sight with the morning sun coming up behind it.


Romanian Academy

The Romanian Academy, Academia Romana, was founded in 1866 and is Romania’s highest cultural forum.

Palace of Parliament

Built between 1984 and 1987 costing 4 billion Euros, the Palace of the Parliament is the 2nd largest building in the world.  The Pentagon is the largest.  It has more than 3000 rooms and covers 330,000 square meters.  I first walked around the outside of this building and did a tour inside the following day.


An interesting tidbit is 28 year old Anca Petrescu managed the build and over 400 architects.

Inside was massive and like a big cavern.

The balcony view was amazing.  Michael Jackson was the first person to ever greet the crowds from here in 1992 saying “I love Budapest” instead of Bucharest.



Arcul de Triumf

Located on Kiseleff Road, the Arcul de Triumf was built in 1921-1922.

Central University Library and Equestrian Statue of Carol I

Kretzulescu Church

An Eastern Orthodox Church built in 1722.

Wandering Around Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania ~ a wonderful city and country!



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