I ate extremely well in Bucharest, Romania.  Actually, when don’t I eat well?

Caru’ cu bere

Sweet Baby Jesus!  So very bad, yet so very good.  The Caru’ cu bere is known as the Soul of Bucharest.  Along with a local beer, I had Papanaşi delicioşi cu brânză dulce, smântână şi dulceaţă which is a Romanian doughnut with sweet cheese, sour cream and cherry jam.  I ate every bit.


The food was fabulous and so was the location.  Highly recommend Caru’ cu bere when in Bucharest.

The Wine Bistro

The Romanian Centennial Board consisted of boar salami, Mangalitsa pork sausage, Transylvanian salami, homemade pork ham, Romanian shepherd’s burduf cheese truffles, basil cheese, bell pepper cheese, red onion, bell peppers, fresh pear, and pretzels.  This fabulous meal was accompanied by a glass of Romanian Alira Grand Vin Feteasca Neagra. 


La Taifas Bistro

A lovely bistro located near Calia Victoriai.  The menu was on a chalkboard and the meal was divine!


Les Bourgeois Bistro & Cafe Bar

Located in the Old Town, Les Bourgeois Bistro & Cafe Bar was fabulous.  Good choices were made and I had the “Les Bourgeois” Salad which is shrimp, cherry tomatoes, arugula, avocado, baby spinach, cucumber, balsamic vinegar & half a lemon for juicing.  Delicious!



I must point out that Romania has Starbucks.  When I rolled into Bucharest on a train, it had been about 10 days since I had a Chai Tea Latte.  The addiction continues.

This & That Around Bucharest



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