I classify myself as a “wannabe” for a few things ~ running is one of them. Donna and I signed up for the Edmonton Half a while ago with the best of intentions.  The Edmonton Marathon is considered a qualifying race for the larger runs like Boston.  We qualified to Try Again Next Year.


We finished with abysmal timing, but had a great time!  We chatted, she petted every single dog and cat we saw, we took pictures, we talked to the people along the route and we laughed.

There were many water stations and kudos to the Edmonton organizers and volunteers for ensuring the participants were well looked after.  There was an “unofficial” station that had beer, twizzlers and hickory sticks.  We stopped there and took some pictures.


There were a lot of folks out supporting the runners (and the dawdlers like us) ~ the signs people come up with are too funny!

All in all, we had a fabulous time and have signed up for more runs this fall.  Here we are after finishing our 21.1 km walk!

Edmonton Half 2019

Happy Running 💕

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