As of today, 4 June 2019, I have set foot on all 7 continents 🌏🌍🌎

  • North America (Born)
  • Europe (1988)
  • Asia (2012)
  • South America (2013)
  • Africa (2014)
  • Antarctica (2018)
  • Australia (2019)



Fun Facts …

  • Africa is the only continent that is crossed by both the Prime Meridian and the Equator ~ It lies in all four hemispheres of the earth (Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western)
  • Countries that span 2 continents are: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Egypt and Greenland (I have been to the bold countries!)
  • There are five main oceans in the world: The Arctic, The Atlantic, The Pacific, The Indian and The Southern
  • The deepest known point is Challenger Deep (nearly 7 miles deep) located in the Pacific Ocean
  • Asia has the highest point on earth (Mount Everest) which is 29,028 ft 8,848 m tall
  • Asia has the 10 highest peaks in the world
  • Africa has the world’s longest river (the Nile) and the world’s largest desert (the Sahara)
  • Africa is the place where Homo Sapiens originated and then migrated to all the other continents of the world
  • Australia has the world’s largest coral reef (the Great Barrier Reef) which is around 2000 km long
  • There are no time zones in Antarctica and nothing can rot away in the icy waters
  • North America has the largest fresh water lake in the world (Lake Superior)
  • South America has the largest salt lake in the world (Uyuni salt flats)
  • Europe and Asia are parts of the same major land mass ~ Europe is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea
  • You can dive between the Continental plates in Iceland: Iceland: Diving Silfra

After connecting through Sydney, Australia, I’m on my way to Melbourne and spending a few days with Linda and Barb ~ lovely women I met on the Antarctica 🇦🇶 trip and part of our ship gang!

What next? My friend Michele suggested travel to all the oceans and seas. I may need to map out where I’ve been and where I still need to go! 💦

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠

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4 Replies to “I’ve Walked On All 7 Continents”

  1. Aaah …. our final group photo on the zodiac. Great memories. Suns out … fingers x’d it stays that way☀️

  2. Safe travels, my friend. Love reading your posts daily and travelling along with in words and pictures. Miss you 🙂

    1. Miss you too. Having a great time and looking forward to what I have planned. Also looking forward to whatever is coming after for me! August will be here before we know it! Love you 😘

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